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What's the origin of the word "gigolo"?

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: I'm listening to "The Long Grift" from Hedwig and the Angry Inch (on the tribute album Wig in a Box [sung by They Might Be Giants], because that song isn't even in the movie [in its entirety]). The first / repeated line is: "Look what you've done, you gigolo."
Answer: It played out like this:
  • French gigue, "shank" or "fiddle"
  • gigoter, "to move the shanks, hop"
  • Mid-14th century Middle English giglot, "lewd, wanton girl" and gigletry, "lasciviousness"
  • 1520s - giglot, "villainous man"
  • gigole, "tall, thin woman; dancing girl; prostitute"
  • 1922 French - gigolo - male form of gigole
Source: Etym Online

The More You Know
: Once you've had a lover-robot, you'll never want a real man again.

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