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What's that song that goes "I won't call you baby anymore"?

: "call you baby like i did before"

Why: I am listening to "Little One" by Beck, and it reminded me of it.
Answer: It's called "Eleanor" by Low Millions! I would never have guessed that in a million years! It's also from several years ago.

Low Millions - Eleanor found on Rock
Source: AZLyrics

The More You Know: The lead singer, Adam Cohen, FYI, is the son of Leonard Cohen, who wrote the original (and worst) version of "Hallelujah" in 1984. How about that.

Communicating beyond the walls of academia

Tara Smith has a nice post discussing the methods for and importance of moving scientific discovery into the public sphere. She goes on to suggest that including additional funding for the purpose of outreach might be necessary because currently, only peer-reviewed communication with other scientists "counts" towards promotion and tenure.  She also recently gave a nice talk on Science Denial and the Internet; I've posted a link describing her talk below.  David Dobbs, a blogger at Wired had a recent post in the Guardian discussing similar issues, particularly why the scientific publication in the traditional sense is of little value or may actually be a cost.  It should be the data that counts, not the publication.

When I think about all of the wasted time we spend trying to format our papers for specific journals, then waiting 3-6 months to hear back from the journal, and then repeating the process until the paper is accepted, it makes me wonder how much more we could accomplish if we removed these hurdles.  This process enriches not scientists, but societies and others and serves as a method for "conflicted" direct-to-physician advertising. It's not like we find articles by reading the paper journals anymore.  Perhaps we could adopt a process where we publish a working paper online and then journals could compete for the rights to publish the data in their journal.  Wouldn't it be cool to turn a journal down?

Any other ideas for re-working the scientific communication system, both within the scientific community and creating incentives for outreach? We have to try harder to advance science against the pervasive pseudoscience that is forever expanding on the internet and within public policy. For example, if we could spend time communicating the benefits of vaccines instead of spending 15 months getting our vaccine paper accepted, we could serve the public more effectively and the public might actually see the value of science

Smith's Aetiology post: "Moving science communication into the public sphere"

Smith's recent talk on scientific communication, the internet and the anti-vaccine movement 

Dobb's Guardian Post: Publishing your science paper is only half the job

What is the song "Black Velvet" about?

: black velvet

Why: I don't remember why we were singing it (something about fat kids and red velvet cake), but we weren't sure if it had racial (or mixed-race) undertones.
Black velvet and that little boy's smile
Answer: It's about Elvis! I had no idea!
Black Velvet refers to the soulful black sound of Elvis' voice and the many African American recording artists and singers he emulated to create his special brand of rock n' roll.
Stuff in the lyrics:

The first verse is about Elvis as a child and youngstar:
Mississippi in the middle of a dry spell
Jimmy Rogers on the Victrola up high
The boy could sing, knew how to move, everything

Verse 2 is about the height of his career:
Up in Memphis, the music's like a heatwave
"Love Me Tender" leaves 'em cryin' in the aisle
The way he moved, it was a sin, so sweet and true
The bridge is about him dyin:
Every word of every song that he sang was for you
In a flash he was gone, it happened so soon, what could you do?
Source: Wikipedia, Digital Dream Door

The More You Know: He would still be alive today, right? He would be younger than my grandmother, who is 86 today (Happy birthday, Nana!!). Look at this neat home movie of Elvis getting his tractor stuck in the mud. It's from 1957, when he was 22:

Roy Wilkins Auditorium Godsmack Tickets

On Tuesday, October 19th, Godsmack will rock Roy Wilkins Auditorium at Rivercentre in Saint Paul.  This rock band from Massachusetts formed in 1995 and since then, Godsmack has released five studio albums, one EP, four DVDs and one greatest hits collection.  They've made themselves one of the most popular rock acts in the U.S., selling nearly 15 million records worldwide and have been nominated for four Grammy Awards. Godsmack has also won one Billboard nomination for Rock Artist of the Year in 2001. Godsmack is currently on tour promoting their latest album, The Oracle. Don't miss out on your chance to see them at Roy Wilkins Auditorium next month!  Check out our supply of Godsmack tickets and get yours now while they're still available!

The white coat is back! (Sort of)

There's a new development in the UK with regards to doctor's attire. In 2008, white coats were banned as part of the bare below the elbow campaign. However, some hospitals in the UK are now mandating that doctors put the white coat back on, but there's a twist! The new coats have short sleeves. I wonder what the GQ Style Guy would say about this. I'm not a sartorial expert, but these coats sure look goofy to me. Click here if you want to order one.

Photo:   Internet Workwear Limited

PARIS - fashion week s/s 11, day 1, 09/29/10

Paris Fashion Week: Rochas Spring 2011

Rochas' Spring 2010 collection brings back old fashion styles. Designer Marco Zanini showcased Swedish inspired pieces at the first day of Paris Fashion Week. The collection include printed long-sleeve button-down blouses, mid-calf skirts, plain-fronted dresses, printed doo-rags and black knee socks.

Rochas,Fashion Week,Spring,Fashion TrendsRochas,Fashion Week,Spring,Fashion Trends

Rochas,Fashion Week,Spring,Fashion TrendsRochas,Fashion Week,Spring,Fashion Trends
Rochas,Fashion Week,Spring,Fashion TrendsRochas,Fashion Week,Spring,Fashion Trends

Photo Source: InStyle

October 2010 Fashion Magazine Covers

See the most fashionable magazine covers for October.

Harper's Bazaar Australia ~ Gisele Bundchen
Fashion Magazines

Elle Italia ~ Chanel Iman
Fashion Magazines

Vogue Paris ~ Lara Stone
Fashion Magazines

Harper's Bazaar Spain ~ Eniko Mihalik
Fashion Magazines

Vogue Spain ~ Elena Melnik
Fashion Magazines

Elle Korea ~ Hilary Rhoda
Fashion Magazines

Vogue Portugal ~ Pauline van der Cruysse
Fashion Magazines

W Korea ~ Eniko Mihalik
Fashion Magazines

Vogue Germany ~ Anja Rubik
Fashion Magazines

Vogue Russia ~ Natasha Poly
Fashion Magazines

Source: Fabsugar

Rabu, 29 September 2010


A humorous video that makes a few serious points about antibiotic overuse (hat tip to Neil Fishman, antimicrobial steward par excellence, who forwarded it along)....

What is the song on the "Life as We Know It" trailer?

: life as we know it trailer song

Why: It popped in my head on Saturday, and I knew I knew it. I was listening to every song on my computer trying to find it. I listened to every single song on:
Gorilla Manor - Local Natives
Forget - Twin Shadow
Work - Shout Out Louds
Odd Blood - Yeasayer
In general, things Kylie had put into my box.net... but to no avail.

But then I saw this trailer (at 1:30)!!!

Answer: "Moth's Wings" by Passion Pit!!!!!!!!! I knew I knew it!!!!!! Oh god. Oh god oh god. Full song (buy it here):
Source: AOL Radio Blog

The More You Know: Maybe you remember their song "Sleepyhead" from that Palm Pixi commercial and "Let Your Love Grow Tall" from some episode of "Ugly Betty" (RIP).

Lyrics to "Moth's Wings" go like:
But you run away from me
And you left me shimmering
Like diamond wedding rings
Spinning dizzily down on the floor

You're just like your father
Buried deep under the water
You're resting on your laurels
And stepping on my toes

Rachel Bilson Taylor Swift Debut Roberto Cavalli’s ‘Diva’ Bag

At the 40th anniversary show of Roberto Cavalli in Milan, his "Diva" bag was launched. This new purse is available in three sizes and seven material. Diva comes in denim, python, calfskin leather and others. Rachel Bilson and Taylor Swift sported the bag at the Milan Fashion Week. Roberto's Cavalli Diva bag will be available in November.

Fashion Week,Roberto Cavalli,Bags

Source: InStyle

Richard Marx Burnsville Performing Arts Center Tickets

Richard Marx is an adult contemporary and pop/rock singer, songwriter, musician and record producer originally from Chicago, Illinois.  His music career began at the young age of 5, singing jingle commercials written by his jazz musician father Dick Marx.  Richard had a string of hit singles in the late 1980's and 1990's during the height of his career,  with slow ballads making up the majority of his hit songs.  Marx placed himself in the record books by being the first solo artist to have his first seven singles hit the Top 5 on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart.  Richard has released a total of 22 albums, with two released earlier this year.  Don't miss out on your chance to see Richard Marx live at the Burnsville Performing Arts Center - Proscenium Stage on Thursday, Oct. 21st at 7:30 pm.  Ticket King has seats in the 1st or 2nd row of the center orchestra!  Check them out and buy yours before they're gone!

Emma Pooley First British Woman To Win Time Trial World Title

Norwich's Emma Pooley has won the Women's World Time Trial Title in Geelong (Australia), finishing 15 seconds clear of German rider Judith Ardnt and New Zealand's Linda Melanie Villumsen.

Leading the event from the front, Pooley rode a 'beautiful' time trial, in the words of former World Champion Chris Boardman.

Emma Pooley First British Woman To Win Time Trial World Title

Emma Pooley First British Woman To Win Time Trial World Title 1


Milan Fashion Week Spring 2011 Fashion Trends

Paris Fashion Week had started but before we gloat over the Parisian fashion trends, let's review some of the fashion trends from Milan Fashion Week.

Bright Colors ~ Gucci
Fashion Week,Fashion Trends,Versace,Prada,Gucci

Exaggerated and Conservative ~ Prada
Fashion Week,Fashion Trends,Versace,Prada,GucciFashion Week,Fashion Trends,Versace,Prada,Gucci

Long Skirt ~ Fendi
Fashion Week,Fashion Trends,Versace,Prada,Gucci

Prints ~ Versus
Fashion Week,Fashion Trends,Versace,Prada,Gucci

Linen Wedding Dress ~ Dolce and Gabbana
Fashion Week,Fashion Trends,Versace,Prada,Gucci

Light and flowing dress ~ Bottega Veneta
Fashion Week,Fashion Trends,Versace,Prada,Gucci

Navy Blue ~ Giorgio Armani
Fashion Week,Fashion Trends,Versace,Prada,Gucci

Color Blocking and Printed Maxi Dress~ Jil Sander
Fashion Week,Fashion Trends,Versace,Prada,GucciFashion Week,Fashion Trends,Versace,Prada,Gucci

Sporty Ruffles ~ Marni
Fashion Week,Fashion Trends,Versace,Prada,Gucci

Fringe ~ Versace
Fashion Week,Fashion Trends,Versace,Prada,Gucci

Minnesota Twins vs. Toronto Blue Jays Tickets

Tomorrow evening at 7:10 pm, the Minnesota Twins will begin the first of the four-game series against the Toronto Blue Jays at their very own Target Field.  This will also be the last series of the regular season before the playoffs begin.  Ticket King is currently carrying a very nice selection of Twins vs. Blue Jays tickets for the entire series, with prices currently starting at just $15 for tomorrow's game; $20 for Friday's game; $22.50 for Saturday's game and $25 for Sunday.  We have a wide variety of seat locations and various price levels so there's something for everyone!  If you haven't purchased your tickets yet, check out our inventory and buy yours now while our selection is at it's best! Also, don't forget to check out our Twins playoff tickets too! GO TWINS!!! 

LONDON - fashion week s/s 11, bonus 3

Creativity: Not always a good thing

There's a paper in this month's American Journal of Infection Control which looks at surveillance for CLABSI in pediatric ICUs. Surveys of personnel at 16 PICUs, mostly in academic medical centers, revealed that surveillance practices varied widely. Other practices which could affect the CLABSI rate also had great variability (e.g., blood culture practices--when they are drawn, how they are drawn, and how much blood volume is obtained). Interestingly, 100% of IPs surveyed reported that they applied the CDC CLABSI definition; however, when they were tested with clinical vignettes, none of the IPs applied the definition as written.

There really are no surprises here. This study confirms what many of us already knew--surveillance for HAIs is currently a mess, and little has been done to improve validity.

This week, through an informal email discussion with several hospital epidemiologists, I learned that the process of HAI case detection varies widely, with some hospitals involving front line providers in the decision as to whether an HAI exists. As the stakes associated with infections become greater, there is obviously a natural inclination to look hard at every potential case. But here's the real problem: whether the patient truly has an HAI or whether the patient meets the CDC definition of HAI are two different questions. At some hospitals, a strict black and white reading of the definition is applied. At others, clinical judgment is also considered, and in some cases, allowed to trump the definition.

Given the increasing practice of public reporting of HAI rates, improving the validity of data must become a priority. As a first step in this process, better definitions, with more specificity, would be of great help.

Selasa, 28 September 2010

Florence + The Machine - Dog Days Are Over (Breakage Remix)

Daily Dub.

I love Florence + The Machine and I love it remixed into a dubstep song. Breakage takes this song and gives it a whole new meaning. Click the title of this post to hear this pump-up dubstep remix. 

Props goes out to James for showing me this song.  

One Love. 

Who wrote "Belle du Jour: Diary of an Unlikely Call Girl"?

: belle du jour

Why: In "Famous Diaries by Women" on TresSugar:
A little bit more of a memoir than a journal, but Diary of an Unlikely Call Girl is the only book here based on a blog, the modern-day diary. Belle du Jour, an anonymous writer, is a good girl turned call girl who recounts her time working for an elite escort agency in London.
(Alternate title: The Intimate Adventures of a London Call Girl)

: Dr. Brooke Magnanti!
Her specialist areas are developmental neurotoxicology and cancer epidemiology. She has a PhD in informatics, epidemiology and forensic science and is now working at the Bristol Initiative for Research of Child Health. She is part of a team researching the effects of exposure to the pesticide chlorpyrifos on foetuses and infants.
She worked as a call girl from 2003 to late 2004, and the memoir was published in 2005. After much speculation about her identity (and threats from an ex-boyfriend to out her), she revealed herself (in this Times interview) in November 2009.

Source: Wikipedia , The Sunday Times

The More You Know: I need some pocket money. I want to read that book. Or the blog (which is apparently the exact same thing). Start here in October 2003 (from the bottom):
I spent all morning getting ready to meet the manager. This involves no small amount of eyelash curling, hair straightening and wardrobe panicking. Sexy, but not slutty? You'll be wanting the dark silk top, then. Young, but serious? Well-cut coat. As much cleavage as I could muster. Boots, of course - it is autumn in London after all. My nails are an acrylic nightmare but there was simply no time.

Death Note Anime

This anime very fantastic....