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SYDNEY - on the street, central + surry hills, 10/31/08

Predictions for the Obama administration; Weather Underground; Larry Grathwohl; reeducation camps;

I think it is best to take Obama's friends at their word:

The Grathwohl film, among other things, supports the idea that leftists view hostile foreign governments as allies.

I do not believe that re-education camps will exist in the United States anytime soon. But it is apparent that a substantial number of Obama's influential supporters advocate such a program. It is also apparent that Obama does not hold this advocacy against his supporters.

We already knew that the hardcore Obama supporters have no qualms about destroying our system of free elections.

Given the hardcore militancy of those on the left, the damage they have done thus far and the programs they support, why would America be immune from the chaos and collapse that destroyed ancient Greece? What makes us so different from the civilizations of the past?

While it is impossible to predict the exact form that the tyranny will take or how the remaining free institutions will collapse, the general pattern is starting to emerge. Instead of violent overthrow as envisioned by Obama's friends in the Underground, economic upheaval resulting from decades of government interference, taxation and regulation will frighten unsuspecting voters into installing a terrorist sympathizer under the mantle of "change."

There are many historical models for the collapse of civilization. Greece, Egypt, Rome and the Byzantine Empire. All of these examples resulted from oppressive government, licentiousness, high taxes, some form of socialism, etc. Some of these examples involved class warfare and conquest by foreigners. Other examples include hyperinflation, including Weimar Germany and post-revolutionary France. Trying to predict the exact path that we will take gets easier with each new disaster that we encounter, but the actual course of events will most likely involve some combination of the disasters that destroyed the aforesaid civilizations.

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Gennaro Gattuso Gallery

Gennaro GattusoGennaro Gattuso

Gennaro Gattuso at Spagna Vs. Italia Friendly Soccer Match Gennaro Gattuso at Spagna Vs. Italia Friendly Soccer Match

Trackback e commenti al Messaggio Gennaro GattusoTrackback e commenti al Messaggio Gennaro Gattuso

Gennaro Gattuso Best Photo Collections
Gennaro Gattuso Gallery

Gennaro Gattuso wallpapersGennaro Gattuso wallpapers

Gennaro Gattuso WallpaperGennaro Gattuso Wallpaper

Name :Gennaro Ivan Gattuso

Date of Birth : January 9, 1978

Place of Birth : Corigliano Schiavonea, Italy

Nationality : Italian

Height : 177 cm

Weight : 77 kg

Profession : Soccer Player

Club : AC Milan

Position : Defensive Midfielder [R, C]

Gennaro Ivan Gattuso (born January 9, 1978 in Corigliano Calabro) is an Italian footballer. His position is in the midfield. He currently plays for A.C. Milan
, with whom he won the UEFA Champions League in the season 2002/2003 and "Lo Scudetto" in the 2003/04 season. He is frequently nicknamed Rino and Ringhio. Gattuso started his career at the Italian side Perugia, but transferred in July 1997 at the age of 19 to the Scottish team Rangers. Gattuso won the admiration of Rangers fans while in Glasgow, and his 'ultra-aggressive' playing technique has been put down to the training he received there. He also credits the one-time Rangers manager Walter Smith as a great influence, and describes him as a 'second father'. Smith's successor as Rangers' manager, Dick Advocaat, did not prefer Gattuso in the team. After playing him 'out-of-position' as a right-back, Gattuso was sold in October 1998 to Salernitana for �3m. Milan spent �8m on Gattuso ten months later. His footballing ability has since improved since moving to a more pass-orientated Milan side. The current high profile Gattuso now enjoys is due to his time at Milan and his participation as part of the Italian national squad. He has been capped over twenty times for his country and played in the 2000 Summer Olympics, the 2002 World Cup and Euro 2004. Gattuso still has links to Glasgow after marrying long-time girlfriend Paula Romano whom he met while in the city.

SYDNEY - on the street, paddington, 10/30/08

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An Obama administration; Health care; Walter Williams

Walter Williams provides a good look into the future of medicine under an Obama administration:

The Vancouver, British Columbia-based Fraser Institute's annual publication, “Waiting Your Turn,” reports that Canada’s median waiting times from a patient's referral by a general practitioner to treatment by a specialist, depending on the procedure, averages from five to 40 weeks. The wait for diagnostics, such as MRI or CT, ranges between four and 28 weeks.

Britain's socialized system is no better. Currently, 750,000 Brits are awaiting hospital admission. Britain's National Health Services hopes to achieve an 18-week maximum wait from general practitioner to treatment, including all diagnostic tests, by the end of 2008.

The delay in health care services is not only inconvenient, it's deadly. Both in Britain and Canada, many patients with diseases that are curable at the time of diagnosis become incurable by the time of treatment or patients become too weak for the surgical procedure.

This means that under socialized medicine (less than a few years away if Obama wins) -

  • If you are sick, you will STAY sick.

  • If you are seriously ill, you will probably die. You will die without treatment after a fair amount of suffering.

  • Your taxes will be increased to pay for the privilege.

The majority of the human race lived and died this way for centuries before the U.S. and capitalism created the greatest health care system in the world. The era of modern medicine is about to end. We are about to experience medical care the way everyone else experienced it before the 20th century.

SYDNEY - on the street, paddington + surry hills + darlinghurst, 10/29/08

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Palin, Iowa, Nigger

It looks like I suckered you again. Last month I baited you here from Google looking for "Sarah Palin bikini photos" and evidence that Sarah Palin once said "Sambo." Today, you are trying to find evidence that someone in Iowa said "nigger" and that it is Sarah Palin's fault.

In fact, the story is another lie about Sarah Palin.

The woman in the crowd said "redistributor," not "nigger." The left is still desparate to smear Sarah Palin and you are still a sucker if you came here looking to take part in the smear.

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Predictions for an Obama administration; taxes; Egypt under the Ptolemies

Sometimes it is not sufficient for voters to hear merely that a candidate will raise their taxes. Voters often do not care unless the specifics of the tax burden are set forth in detail.

In the third century B.C., Egypt was ruled by Macedonians in the Ptolemy line who imposed a socialist style tyranny on their subjects. Their tax package sounds familiar:
Everywhere the government took rentals, taxes, customs, and tolls, sometimes labor and life itself. The peasant paid a fee to the state for the right to keep cattle, for the fodder that he fed them, and for the privilege of grazing them on the common pasture land. The private owner of gardens, vineyards, or orchards paid a sixth - under Ptolemy II half - of his produce to the state. All persons except soldiers, priests, and government officials paid a poll tax. There were taxes on salt, legal documents, and bequests; a five per cent tax on rentals, a ten per cent tax on sales, a twenty-five per cent levy on all fish caught in Egyptian waters, a toll on goods passing from village to town, or along the Nile; there were high export as well as import duties at all Egyptian ports; there were special taxes to maintain the fleet and the lighthouse, to keep the municipal physicians and police in good humor, and to buy a gold crown for every new king; nothing was overlooked that could fatten the state. To keep track of all taxable products, income, and transactions the government maintained a swarm of scribes, and a vast system of personal and property registration; to collect the taxes it farmed them out to specialists, supervised their operations, and held their possessions as security till the returns were in.
Will Durant, Life of Greece, pp. 591-592

While U.S. taxes are already quite burdensome, they will get worse and more oppressive under an Obama regime (and his successors). There will be very little left of our lives that is free from government taxation and scrutiny.

As is always the case in history, the story of oppressive government ends badly. Taxation and socialism eroded the industriousness of the people and the productivity of the land. Agriculture and industry decayed. By the end of the third century B.C., Egypt had been made "a Roman protectorate" [Durant, p. 587]. Roman emperors later fully absorbed Egypt into the Roman empire.

Ptolemy I of Egypt

Egypt would not reemerge as an independent nation until after World War I. [For those of you that rely on Oprah or the Today Show for your information, that time span equals roughly 2000 years - give or take a century depending on when you consider Egypt's independence to have finally ended.] 2000 years of subjugation is a long time. Taxation has consequences.

SYDNEY - on the street, paddington, 10/28/08

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Thierry Henry Photo Collection

Thierry HenryStars of the Soccer and Basketball World will take to the artificial pitch in Chinatown tonight. Hosted by ‘Kid Canada’ Steve Nash and Claudio Reyna, the Showdown in Chinatown begins at 5:30 pm at Sara D. Roosevelt Park and will feature such players as Thierry Henry, Baron Davis, Robbie Fowler, and Jason Kidd. Eat some dumplings, maybe a couple sesame pancakes with beef and watch some soccer.

Thierry Henry PicturesThierry Henry Pictures

Thierry Henry for BarcelonaThierry Henry for Barcelona
Arsenal fans may try and convince themselves that Robin Van Persie is finally ready to take over Henry's mantle as Arsenal's main attacking weapon but there can be no denying that the London club have lost the most important player of their modern era.

Last season may have been disrupted by injury and Henry may now admit himself that he stayed a season too long at Arsenal but having finally arrived at the Nou Camp amongst a Barcelona squad hellbent on reclaiming their La Liga crown from Real Madrid, Henry should enjoy a new lease of creative life under Frank Rijkaard.

Two World Stars: Gisele and Thierry HenryTwo World Stars: Gisele and Thierry Henry
Ebel started on June 19th a major partnership with prestigious and emblematic football team Arsenal of London. To kick off this association, Ebel organized a very high-profile press conference in Central London with the unique presence of two world stars, Ebel’s ambassadress Gisele and Arsenal’s captain and French national team star Thierry Henry. This event has been a huge success and attracted a large crowd of journalists, photographers, TVs and news agencies. Coverage has been massive already and reached an audience far beyond the UK, including the Emirates, Singapore, Brazil, Switzerland…

Thierry HenryThierry Henry

Energy policy under Obama; price controls, shortages, lines

Gasoline prices have fallen tremendously in the past four months. But if they return to their previous levels [Spring-Summer 2008], it is a safe bet that Obama's solution will involve some kind of price controls or rationing or both. That is the only solution of which a leftist/socialist can conceive. [Obama and a Democrat Congress will never allow drilling or the construction of new refineries.]

But remember, price controls cause shortages. You will find yourself waiting in long lines at the gas station if price controls are ever enacted. A worst-case scenario would make gasoline almost totally unavailable [except for high government officials]. Your car would be useless and you would be forced to relocate to the nearest city in order to maintain employment - unless you are lucky enough to work near your existing home and your occupation does not depend upon travel. This forced relocation would be labeled a "transition" by the Obama administration and the MSM/DNC. Government funds would be available to help defray the cost of the "transition" to city living and to make available low cost, subidized housing in the city [and a greater number of overcrowded public buses].

For further reading.

A good hobby to learn now might be bicycle repair. Bicycles will become a more popular method of transportation under an Obama administration. You might want to start hoarding bicycle tires and accessories for your own future use or for their resale value during the coming "transition."

This is one prediction about which I will be glad to be wrong.

Bicycle tires - your future investment portfolio?

Your future residence?

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LONDON - australian girl, brick lane market, 10/19/08

BUCHAREST - my grandma's backyard, muzeul taranului roman, 10/25/08

MMA fighter Anderson Silva

MMA fighter Anderson SilvaMMA fighter Anderson Silva

Anderson Silva is guarding wellAnderson Silva is guarding well

Anderson Silva, of Brazil, celebrates after beating Nate Marquardt to defend his middleweight title at UFC 73 on Saturday,Anderson Silva, of Brazil, celebrates after beating Nate Marquardt to defend his middleweight title at UFC 73 on Saturday,

Handsigned by Anderson Silva using a blue sharpie permanent pen. Anderson Silva is seen here with the UFC beltHandsigned by Anderson Silva using a blue sharpie permanent pen. Anderson Silva is seen here with the UFC belt

Anderson Silva off his ladderAnderson Silva off his ladder

Anderson "The Spider" Silva (born April 14, 1975) is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt and mixed martial artist. Since October 14, 2006 he has been the Ultimate Fighting Championship middleweight champion.He has also competed in PRIDE Fighting Championships, Cage Rage, Shooto, and Rumble on the Rock.

Once a member of Chute Boxe Academy, he left to form the Muay Thai Dream Team. In late November 2006, he joined a new team called Black House with Lyoto Machida, Vitor Belfort, Assuerio Silva, and the Nogueira brothers. On May 16, 2008, Silva and Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira opened the Team Nogueira MMA Academy in Miami, Florida.

MMAWeekly, Sherdog and Nokaut currently rank Anderson Silva as the number one middleweight in the world, while both Sherdog and Yahoo! Sports rank Silva as the top pound-for-pound fighter in the world. Silva has announced his intentions to retire by mid 2009, as soon as his current contract with the UFC is complete.

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What to expect from an Obama regime; ancient Greece; Will Durant

Numerous commentators have speculated on the effect of a Democrat landslide in this year's elections. They have identified many programs that will be created or expanded with Democrats in the White House and enjoying a filibuster proof majority in Congress. Commentators usually conclude these remarks by stating that this scenario will be bad "from a conservative standpoint."

But these commentators, even conservative commentators, miss the real point. The leftist agenda is not simply bad "for conservatives." We are not watching some sporting event where only Republicans and Democrats have a stake in the outcome. The consequences of a Democrat takeover would affect everyone - and for a very long time.

The Democrats have pledged to restrict free speech and expand existing programs that would accelerate the bankruptcy of the United States, all the while robbing us of the means to defend ourselves, protect our borders and choose our own medical providers. The Democrats have attempted to investigate, prosecute and censor innocent political opponents. The Democrats have shown no reluctance to commit violence and voter fraud in this election and the elections of 2004 - thus foreshadowing the ultimate end to free elections should these thugs ever obtain real power over the executive branch of the federal government. The Democrats have used class warfare as a political weapon - pitting rich versus poor - for decades.

All of the elements exist for the type of near civil war that marked the collapse of the ancient Greek civilization in the 3rd and 2nd centuries B.C.:
Some governments nationalized certain industries . . . . but the governments paid as low wages as the private employer, and squeezed all possible profit from the labor of their slaves . . . the class war became bitterer than before. Every city, young or old, echoed with the hatred of class for class, with uprisings, massacres, suppressions, banishments, and the destruction of property and life. When one faction won it exiled the other and confiscated its goods; when the exiles returned to power they revenged themselves in kind, and slaughtered their enemies; imagine the stability of an economic system subject to such decerebrations and disturbances. Some ancient Greek cities were so devastated by class strife that industry and men fled from them, grass grew in the streets, cattle came there to graze.
Durant, Life of Greece, p. 564 [1939 edition]
See these quotations for a comparison with 4th century B.C. Greece and 1st century B.C. Rome.

If Obama and the Democrats seize as much power as the rest of us fear, this election may be the last national election that carries even a pretext of legitimacy. Those who would rig and steal the election will not allow free elections once they seize power. Acorn and its allies cannot continue to submit thousands of frauduent registrations every year. Cheating on such a massive scale is difficult to coordinate and organize. They don't plan to cheat forever. They plan to win once in a big way, after which there will be no need to cheat. In the future, two scenarios are possible - (1) local election officials will have learned to be submissive to the Acorn/Obama controlled federal government and remain silent while election totals are rigged or (2) certain elections will simply not take place.

I do not believe all of this will happen immediately upon the inauguration of Obama. Cattle will not be grazing in the streets of Manhattan in Janaury 2009. Obama will allow a certain "healing" period where he speaks of unity and the MSM/DNC presents "feel good" images of children, puppies and general calm. We will be allowed to get comfortable. But soon, our taxes will go up, our doctors will become government bureaucrats, class warfare will resume as it has never existed before and the country will change forever.

Frank Lampard

Frank Lampard football wallpaperFrank Lampard football wallpaper

would give in to Frank Lampard’swould give in to Frank Lampard’s

Frank Lampard is back and lookingFrank Lampard is back and looking

Frank Lampard PosterFrank Lampard Poster

Chelsea star Frank Lampard with his mother, PatChelsea star Frank Lampard with his mother, Pat

Frank Lampard biography

Frank James Lampard, Jr. was born on the 20th of June 1978 in the town of Romford in the London borough of Havering. He is a midfielder who currently plays for Chelsea in the English Premiership.

Lampard comes from an extremely distinguished footballing family. His father Frank Lampard Sr. was a left back who played for West Ham United. His cousin is 'Spice boy' Jamie Redknapp, who played for Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur amongst other clubs. His uncle is Jamie's father Harry, who currently manages Portsmouth F.C.

Lampard went to the Brentford school in Essex, the same school former Milwall striker Neil Harris and model Jodie Marsh attended. He joined West Ham as a part of the East London club's revered youth system in July 1994. About a year later, he signed his first professional contract. Welsh club Swansea City, who were then playing in Divison 2, took him on loan in October 1995. His first senior goal came for the Swans against Brighton and Hove Albion. After his return in January 1996, he was a regular in the youth team of the Hammers and was captain of the squad which reached the FA Youth Cup finals that year.

His first goal for West Ham came against Barnsley in the 1997-98 season. The following season saw him establish his place in the West Ham starting 11 and in that season he did not miss a single game as the Hammers finished 5th. It was the first glimpse of the now very well known fitness of the man. Along with Joe Cole, Michael Carrick and Rio Ferdinand, Lampard formed a formidable quartet which was hailed as the future of English football. He made his senior debut against Belgium in a friendly in October 1999, and played for 76 minutes before being substituted for Dennis Wise. He also scored 9 times in his U-21 career. Only Alan Shearer and Francis Jeffers have scored more times for the English U-21 side.

When his father, uncle and close friend Rio Ferdinand all left Upton Park in quick succession, Lampard decided it was time to move on. He moved to Stamford Bridge, with Chelsea signing him for �11 million. Lampard's first goal for his new club came in a pre season friendly against Northampton Town and soon after he made his Premiership debut against Newcastle United. He was sent off in the game against bitter rivals Tottenham, which to date still remains his only dismissal in the Premiership. October 13, 2001 marked the starting of a new record in English football as Lampard went on to play 164 games non stop for the Blues. His first two seasons at the club did not reveal all what he was capable of, and he was often overshadowed by Gianfranco Zola.

The arrival of Roman Abramovich heralded a new beginning for Lampard, and there has been no looking back from then. He has grown into one of the Premiership's most feared midfielders. His pinpoint passing and shooting abilities from the edge of the box are his exceptional strengths, and he is one man who is turned to when set pieces and penalties have to be taken.

The 2004-2005 season was one of the most successful ones in the history of Chelsea and Lampard played a stellar role, bagging 19 Premiership goals. He also scored 4 as Chelsea reached the last four of the Champions' League and also helped the Blues to win the league Cup.

He was not selected for Euro 2000 and missed the flight to Korea and Japan for the 2002 World Cup. His first international goal for the Three Lions came against Croatia in 2003 and he has gone on to win more than 50 caps for England. He currently wears the No.8 jersey which Paul Scholes vacated after his retirement. Lampard has often been accused of not being able to perform as well at the national level as he does at club level. Many view that he and Steven Gerrard are similar players, and that there is room for only one of them in the squad. But there is no doubt that the man puts in nothing less than 100% when on the pitch.

Lampard is regarded as one of England's finest players of this generation. He came second behind Brazilian playmaker Ronaldinho in the poll for the European Footballer of the Year (2005) and FIFA world player of the Year (2005). He won the Football Writers' Association player of the year award in 2005. He was also part of UEFA's all star Euro 2004 squad. He has been described by his manager, the charismatic Jose Mourinho, as the "best player in the world''.

Lampard's autobiography is titled "Totally Frank". He is engaged to Elen Rives, and the couple have a baby girl named Luna.

BUCHAREST - on the street, vitan, 10/25/08

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Cristiano Ronaldo Great Football Player

Title: Cristiano Ronaldo “Nike Pro”Title: Cristiano Ronaldo “Nike Pro”

Cristiano Ronaldo BiographyCristiano Ronaldo Biography

Cristiano RonaldoCristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo Hot Men PicturesCristiano Ronaldo Hot Men Pictures

Cristiano Ronaldo PicturesCristiano Ronaldo Pictures

Cristiano Ronaldo started playing competitive football at 8-year-old for amateur club Andorinha, and then for local team CD Nacional when he was 10. He then move to one of Portugal’s largest football clubs, Sporting Lisbon in 1996.

Ronaldo trained in the youth team before playing his first senior game for Sporting in 1999 against Moreirense, and scored a double on his debut.

Ronaldo played for Portugal’s youth side in the UEFA U-17 Championships and drew attention internationally. Liverpool under manager Gérard Houllier back then was reported to have interest in signing Ronaldo, but it was Manchester United that made the move in 2003 to fill the void of departed David Beckham.

Ronaldo’s signature came after Sporting Lisbon beat Manchester United 3–1 in a friendly; on the way back to England the United players spoke enthusiastically about the young winger and suggested manager Sir Alex Ferguson to secure his signature, which they did.

Ronaldo made his memorable debut for Manchester United as a substitute against Bolton. His 30 minutes performances created hype with United fans and the English media with his dazzling dribbles.

Ronaldo’s first two seasons at United received mixed reviews; despite praised for his skills, Ronaldo was often being criticized for lack of consistency and poor decision making on the field. However his consistency level has been greatly since the 2006/2007 season, which saw him becoming one of the best player in EPL.

Cristiano Ronaldo made his senior debut for Portugal shortly after being signed by United in a match against Kazakhstan in August 2003. He has become one of the key players for Portugal since then.

The controversial moment of Ronaldo’s career was in World Cup 2006, where he was alleged to influence referee to send off his Manchester United team mate and England striker Wayne Rooney in their quarter finals clash.

Ronaldo was being used as the scapegoat for England’s defeat in the World Cup and the hatred towards him had prompted his intention to leave England and Manchester United. In the end United managed to keep him, and Ronaldo had a wonderful season in the Premiership against all odds.

Ronaldo won both the PFA Player and Young Player of the Year Award in 2007. He is the first player since 1977 to bag the double in the same season. Ronaldo was also voted Footballer of the Year by the Football Writers’ Association for the same year.

Ronaldo’s performance was crucial to help Manchester United securing their first Premiership title in 4 years in the 2006/2007 season.

Ronaldo was the top 3 finalists for both the FIFA World Player of the Year and European Player of the Year awards in 2007. The eventual winner however went to AC Milan’s Brazilian playmaker, Kaka instead.

Ronaldo continued his fine form in the 2007/2008 season, netted in 40 goals in all competition (31 in Premier League), and was again voted as the PFA Player of The Year and Football Writers’ Footballer of the Year. His performance contributed to United’s double for the season; winning the Premiership in succession as well as bringing home the UEFA Champions League trophy.