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Some of my new paintings of India:

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse - Fashion Sneak Peek

Summit Entertainment released some photos from The Twilight Saga: Eclipse last night. Let us take a fashion sneak peek and know Bella, Edward, Jacob and the Cullens look in the most-anticipated movie of the year. Well, all of them are in jacket and pants.
twilight,eclipse,fashion styletwilight,eclipse,fashion style

twilight,eclipse,fashion styletwilight,eclipse,fashion style


Osanbashi Yokohama International Passenger Terminal, Yokohama-shi Japan

Alejandro Zaera-Polo and Farshid Moussavi of Foreign Office Architects (FOA) designed the port of Yokohama on the northwest part of Tokyo Bay, for the World Cup in Yokohama. It was completed in 2002.

The ferry pier was first built in 1894, which provided a historical precedent for this modern structure. The environment's topography flows into the building and contorts and shifts according to a circulation study and characteristic programs. It rethinks the pier as a series of circulations and experiences. The structure assumes the tectonic allowance of circulation versus geometric structure methods.

The multi-story building contains a parking structure, wood and grass decks, shopping, immigration offices, and arrival and departure lobbies.

Video: Inside , Steps , Outside
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What's the song in the new Amazon Kindle commercial?

: song new kindle

Why: I saw it last night during "LOST."

Answer: "Stole My Heart" by Little & Ashley, aka Annie Little and Marcus Ashley. This commercial:
Annie Little, btw, also sang "Fly Me Away" in a Kindle commercial that you saw last year, and she also starred in it.

So are both Little and Ashley in this commercial? According to their MySpace:
The songs in the Amazon commercials began with photographer/director Angela Kohler and production partner Ithyle Griffiths inviting Annie to collaborate with them for an Amazon Kindle video contest, which they proceeded to shoot in a single seven hour day in July 2009. In addition to Little & Ashley performing and co-writing the accompanying song “Fly Me Away”, Annie also starred in the commercial, which ultimately won both the Audience and the Amazon Jury prize. The winning entry is currently airing on television in addition to a subsequent Kindle commercial that features Annie on-screen as well as Little and Ashley’s song “Stole My Heart”, available on their new EP along with “Fly Me Away” and two additional tracks—“Still Missing You” and “Telegrams to Mars”—exclusively on Amazon.
So no, that guy is Ryan Curry.

UPDATE!!!!!!! June 11!!
If you are looking for the one that goes "Come on, let's go," read about it right here! It's the same folks!

: Yahoo! Answers

The More You Know: Listen to the whole song here:
Lyrics go like:
Once upon
A time I saw you walk along
A moonbeam; what a lovely girl
I followed you around the world

I love you, don't you see
You stole my heart in 1-2-3
I love you, yes it's true
You stole my heart and
I'm gonna steal yours too

Who started April Fools' Day?

: april fools day origin

Why: It's tomorrow. Be smart; stay clean; keep the dream.

Answer: Nobody knows! It has been a part of European cultures since at least the 1500s, and it almost definitely has something to do with calendar reform. In 1708, the British magazine Apollo asked “Whence proceeds the custom of making April Fools?” Theories:
  • 16th century French calendar reform - In 1564, France moved the start of the year from the end of March to January 1. Those who stubbornly clung to the old system and celebrated the New Year during the week of Mar. 25 - April 1 became the butt of jokes. Pranksters stuck paper fish to their backs, and the victims were called Poisson d’Avril, "April Fish" - which is still the French term for April Fools. Here's an April Fish postcard:
  • Julian calendar reform - In 46 BC, Julius Caesar moved the New Year to Jan. 1. Efforts were made to Christianize the calendar, and some countries justified this as the date of Christ's circumcision. However, this meant the solar year was different from the calendar year, and in the 1500s, various countries started the year on different dates. France used Easter as the start of the year in accordance with the lunar cycle. In 1563, King Charles IX decreed Jan. 1 to be the first day of the year, thus aligning legal convention with what had become the popular practice, especially in Roman custom. In 1582, Pope Gregory issued a papal bull that decreed - and urged Christian nations to accept - sweeping calendar reform. It included moving the start of the year to January 1, as well as creating a leap-year system and eliminating 10 days from the month of Oct. 1582 to correct the drift of the calendar. France had already changed the start of the year in 1564... so this really has nothing to do with April Fools' Day.
  • British calendar change - The British traditionally observed New Year’s Day on March 25 (the Feast of Annunciation), followed by a week of festivities culminating on April 1. In 1752, the British changed the start of the calendar year to Jan. 1. The festival held on April 1 (the “octave” of the March 25th calendar year change) may have evolved into April Fools' Day.
Source: Museum of Hoaxes

The More You Know: Whatever. Do something totally wacky.

Sexy Girl Anime

Very sexy anime in the world..............

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LONDON - soho, 03/31/10

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Eiffel Tower Paris France

Eiffel Tower

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Gossip Girl Fashion Style The Empire Strikes Jack

Gossip Girl's Episode 16: The Empire Strikes Jack, showed some promising fashion trends that will be envied by many. Checkout Blair and Serena's outfit and steal their look!

Gossip Girl Fashion StyleGossip Girl Fashion Style
Blair Waldorf
Dress: Isabella Tonchi
Necklace: Stephen Dweck
Cuff: Amedeo

Hat: Christine A. Moore
Coat: Proenza Schouler
Blouse: Oscar de la Renta
Skirt: Elie Tahari
Tights: Hue
Bag: Chanel

Gossip Girl Fashion Style
Serena van der Woodsen
Top: Helmut Lang

Gossip Girl Fashion StyleGossip Girl Fashion Style
Vanessa Abrams
Sweater: Cynthia Steffe
Blouse: Matthew Williamson
Green bead necklace: David Aubrey
Turquoise necklace: Gara Danielle
Earrings: From the show's costume department

Coat: See by Chloe

Get Eleanor Waldorf's Latest Runway Collection
Eleanor Waldorf
Outfit: Lorick by Abigail Lorick

Gossip Girl Fashion Style
Dress: Lorick
Hat: Yestadt
Rosary: Pamela Love
Pearls: From the show's costume department


Get Eleanor Waldorf's Latest Runway Collection

Last night, Eleanor Waldorf's latest runway collection debuted in Gossip Girl. In real life, you can also have those adorable fashion pieces. The actual designer behind the collection of polka dots, pastels and lace is Abigial Lorick, and her real designs are available exclusively at rarechic.com.

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Photo Source: CW

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string bottom bikini trendy maternity Arizona Maternity Swimming Costumes

Arizona Maternity Swimming Costumes string bottom bikini | POSH PREGNANCY PRESS June 2009Posh Mama, known for their hip grandma tees, are now introducing a line of trendy maternity tees. These tees are a great true maternity fit, and playtex 18 hour bras, maternity swim wear, maternity skirts Related Hot Gallery : tyr swimwear Tags : beautiful glamour models, wallpapers actress star, model

Justin Bieber Oracle Arena Tickets

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The Kerala Backwaters are a network of interconnected lakes, rivers, canals and inlets, a labyrinthine system of more than 900km of waterway, sometimes compared to the American Bayou. The Backwaters have a unique eco-system with fresh water from the rivers meeting seawater from the Arabian Sea.

A view from our houseboat

Apart from unique crabs, frogs and mudskippers, other animals such as otters and turtles, cormorants and huge colourful kingfishers live in and alongside the Backwaters. The best thing about the backwaters hoowever is the Kettuvallam, the traditional houseboats that ply all over the Backwaters.

This sideways-on view of a Kettuvallam was taken at midday  on a vast 
lake in a kind of hot 'whiteout', giving this strange bleached light.

Kettuvallam means 'boat with knots', so called because coir ropes tied in knots hold the entire structure together. Not a single nail or screw is used during construction. The hull is made of huge planks of Jack wood and joined with coir. This is then coated with a caustic black resin made from boiled cashew kernels.

 Two other Kettuvallam in front of us on a river 
[on the left a clothed man washing in the river]

The tourist Kettuvallams are modelled on traditional cargo boats that used to navigate these waters, shipping rice and spices (Kerala is the Malabar Spice Coast) between Kuttanad and Cochin port (where we boarded). The modern version maintains the look and structure of the originals, where the crew would cook and sleep on board. It was just the two of us on this huge boat with a crew of three; a steersman, an engineer and our own fantastic chef.

Pauline in the lounge area, before taking to the divan behind the steersman. 

Our chef who cooked wonderful meals for us 
(yes, curry for breakfast as well)

Apart from the lounge which had a dining area, we also had a modern air-conditioned en-suite cabin. 
In the afternoon we disembarked for a while to take a motorised canoe along the small canals that ran through villages. Fascinating and beautiful, but it did feel a little intrusive. I think the villagers get used to it and the kids all wave enthusiastically.

A barge laden with rice coming towards us in a canal

In the evening we moored alongside two other houseboats on an island. While all the crews had a game of football we watched the sun going down over the water and the lights of many fishermen on their canoes appearing. Dinner was two freshly caught prawns the size of crayfish, that we'd bought earlier in the day. We ate by candlelight beneath a starlit sky of tiny lights set into the houseboat's ceiling. The whole experience of the houseboat was magical and the highlight of our trip to India.

A fisherman