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Fort Worth Museum of Science and History, Fort Worth Texas

Legorreta + Legorreta Architects designed the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History, completed in 2007. It joins a neighborhood of classic American buildings by Louis Kahn, Tadao Ando, and Philip Johnson.

Green elements include solar panels, rainwater storage, and daylighting designs. Brick cladding dominates the facades, with stone and stucco included. The shapes are very simple and large. A signature "Urban Lantern" dominates the center.

More Info and Images , More Info , Timelapse Video

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santa costumes Economy Santa Beard & Wig Set Adult One-SizeIncludes: Wig and beard. Does not include glasses.

I Wanna Go Hawaii Now. LOL!

I wanna go Hawaii now. LOL!
I wanna go Hawaii now. LOL!

Have I ever heard of anyone buried in Hollywood Forever Cemetery?

: hollywood forever

Why: We might go to another premiere of Insidious there tonight. (We went to one last night, and the film was awesome. Totes the scariest thing I've ever seen. I could not get out of my house fast enough this morning.) I have only been one time - to Día de los Muertos - and I didn't recognize a single name there. But I did do this:
(It was unseasonably warm.)

Answer: There are a few! These are on the official Interactive Site Map (and some have cenotaphs but aren't really buried there):
and also:
And probably some other people whose names I either didn't notice or didn't recognize, but you know who they are - like Elmer Berger (1891–1952), inventor of the rear-view mirror.

: HollywoodForever.com, Wikipedia

The More You Know: Incidentally, I once made a spreadsheet about Hattie McDaniel and her family (her brother and sister were both actors) because I couldn't believe the number of times they were each credited as Mammy, Porter, or Maid. Rude! Read about her cenotaph and the horrible reason it exists here.

David Livermore fights NDM-1, the 'super' superbug

David Livermore and NDM-1
There is a new story at MSNBC.com highlighting David Livermore, NDM-1, and the myriad of reasons for the expansion of MDR-bacteria and hospital infections: little investment in antibiotic discovery and infection prevention.  I like this quote from the article in regards to infection prevention: "If it is done properly, it can ease the demand for drugs in the first place."  Dr. Livermore is the Director of the Antibiotic Resistance Monitoring & Reference Laboratory (ARMRL) at the HPA Centre for Infections in London. The story is surprisingly well-written, includes the usual human-interest angle and quite long but worth a read.

h/t Mark Vander Weg

LONDON - fashion week aw 11, bonus 2

Many more LFW photos on my Visual DIary.

Affordable Minnesota Timberwolves vs. Miami Heat Tickets

Hey Minnesota Timberwolves fans! As you may know, basketball season is sadly coming to an end in just two short weeks. Tomorrow night at 7pm, the Minnesota Timberwolves will host the Miami Heat at the Target Center in Minneapolis. This will be the third to last home game of the season for the Wolves, just ahead of the Phoenix Suns on Wed. April 6th and the final game against the Houston Rockets the following Wed. April 13th. If you would like to show your support for the Minnesota Timberwolves during the last few games of their 2010-2011 season, check out our supply of Minnesota Timberwolves tickets and order yours now! We have a very nice variety of seat locations for each game, with prices starting as low as $25 each for the Miami game; $9 for the Phoenix game or $4 for the Houston game. Get yours today! 

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Britney Spears Femme Fetale Fashion Style by D&G

After dressing up Kylie Minogue, D&G dressed Britney Spears for the promotional photos of her newest album, Femme Fetale.
Britney Spears Femme Fetale Fashion Style by D&G

Britney Spears Femme Fetale Fashion Style by D&GBritney Spears Femme Fetale Fashion Style by D&G

Photo Source: InStyle.com

Treating KPCs? - Eat Yogurt? NOT

CNN's advice for KPCs? - Eat Yogurt
In a recent piece on CNN, Elizabeth Cohen discusses the recent KPC outbreak in SoCal.  She offers some advice to patients and families as to how they can help prevent these 'superbug' infections under the heading "sorting fact from fiction."  Let's go through this: 1) Wash hands - check  2) Remove unnecessary catheters - check  and ....3) Eat Yogurt.?!?  What the?  To be fair, when she was challenged by the other news person, she backed off and said yogurt prevented some infections and not specifically KPCs, but why include it in the graphic?  Was yogurt the fiction to the hand hygiene fact?  Is the data even suggestive that yogurt "prevents" C. diff? Maybe this is a case of powerpoint making us stupid because she felt the need to have at least three bullet points per slide?

A study in Altern Ther Health Med from 2005 found no benefit of a non-dairy probiotic on the gut microflora including Klebsiella. The CNN article quotes my long lost co-fellow Mitch Schwaber, who was the author of the Israeli KPC outbreak that we highlighted last week. Hopefully Mitch will be in Dallas and I can ask him about the yogurt...



Serratia marcescens outbreak: Alabama

There is a new outbreak linked to TPN feeds in Alabama.  There have been 19 cases with 9 deaths due to Serratia marcescens contamination at 6 Alabama hospitals.  The  outbreak was identified on March 16th and the product manufactured by Med IV was subsequently recalled.  I wonder if this is too late for a SHEA late breaker...

BBC News 3/30
AOL News 3/29
CNN story from 3/29

bras n Julianne Moore Julianne Moore BH JPG

bras n Julianne MooreJulianne Moore W JPGJulianne Moore BL JPGJulianne Moore BH JPG

What's the origin of the word "broker"?

: broker etymology

Why: Last night, Jessica Fletcher's niece was a real estate broker. The night before, her stockbroker was murdered! As far as I can tell (not very far), a broker is just a go-between or a middle man. In this economy, he's probably even broker than I am. Hey-o!

Answer: It has nothing to do with "break" or the past tense "broke"! Instead, it all started with the pointy tool Frenchmen of yore used to tap their wine kegs. Its history went like this:
  • broche - Old French: "pointed tool"
  • brochier - "to broach, tap, pierce (a keg)"
  • abrokur - Anglo-French: "tapster, retailer of wine"
  • "wine dealer"
  • brocour - Anglo-Norman "small trader"
  • "retailer, middleman, agent"
And in Middle English, of course, the word was contemptuously used to refer to peddlers and pimps. (Read about pimps here [and male mistresses here]).

Source: EtymOnline

The More You Know: "Go for broke" comes from a Hawaiian pidgen phrase for "shoot the works," used by gamblers risking all their money on a single roll of dice. During WWII, the 442th Infantry, a unit composed of mostly second-generation Japanese-Americans, used the phrase in their fight song (1:15):
The 442nd Regimental Combat Team is the most highly decorated unit in American military history for its size and length of service, with 7 major campaigns in Europe, 21 Medals of Honor, 52 Distinguished Silver Crosses, 560 Silver Stars, and 9,486 Purple Hearts. You can watch this 1951 movie about them online here.

Porter Robinson, Have You Heard of Him?

       Porter Robinson. Have you heard of him? Well here he is. Check out his massive original mix Say My Name. I have this song on repeat. Hailing from North Carolina, 18-year-old Porter Robinson had never set foot in a club when his smash hit Say My Name shot to number one on Beatport's Electro-House Chart. Also, check out his remix to Tim Berg’s Seek Bromance. That song is #legit!

Say My Name Download Link: Say My Name

Seek Bromance Remix Download Link: Seek Bromance Remix

What's a Dutch uncle?

: dutch uncle

Why: Jessica Fletcher told her niece, "Don't force me to Dutch uncle you. I'm only an aunt." Good one!
Answer: Someone who advises or criticizes frankly and sternly! It come from old animosity between the English and the Dutch, who fought in many wars in the 17th and 18th centuries. Though they are pals now, English still has a bunch of demeaning phrases:
  • Dutch courage - Courage inspired by liquor
  • Dutch gold - Imitation gold
  • Dutch treat (or "go Dutch") - Where each must pay his own share
While the "typical" uncle (as in the word avuncular) is kind and indulgent, the Dutch uncle is a total dick.

Source: Wordsmith.org

The More You Know: Pick your Dutch poison!

See you in Dallas: SHEA 2011

Safe travels to anybody heading to Dallas this week for SHEA 2011 (and everyone else too). We hope to see some of you there. If you're unable to make it to Dallas, SHEA is offering on-demand webcasts with audio AND video.  This is the last year (for the foreseeable future) for a stand-alone SHEA meeting, as the meeting will be combined with IDSA in the fall of 2012. Change is change.

White Roses - Full Hd Wallpapers

Hôtel de région Rhône Alpes Lyon Confluence , Lyon France

Christian de Portzamparc designed the headquarters for the Rhone-Alpes Regional Council. It will be completed this year, in the Lyon confluence development. It uses a green roof, solar panels, and recycled materials to emphasize sustainability. Meeting rooms, exhibition, and committee spaces are centered around a grand glassed atrium. The atrium's roof can be opened to cool the building naturally. It has 30,000 m2 of office space and acts as a grand "showcase" for the neighborhood.

The Rhône and Saone rivers meet at the Lyon Confluence district. This 1999 Grand-Lyon project aims to take back this peninsula from industry and give it a natural setting. It creates a new central neighborhood with public transportation and natural landscapes, with mixed housing, commercial, and cultural buildings. It sets a high goal of 50% renewable electricity for communal areas.

Norman Foster, Engel Zimmerman, Francis Soler, and Vasconi Architects are also contributing to the urban city center. This red building looks similar to Zaha Hadid's Opus Duabi:

More Info , More Info , More Info and Images , About Confluence
Video: Interview About (French) , Fly-thru Confluence

celebrities picture gallery Lucy Lawless lucy lawless 5 jpg

celebrities picture gallery Lucy LawlessLucy Lawless Xena 01 jpgAny thoughts Pudgy No I don t think solucy lawless 4 jpglucy lawless 5 jpg

What's the origin of the phrase "eat your heart out"?

: eat your heart out origin

Why: People on "RuPaul's Drag Race" say things like "Eat your heart out, Bob Mackie" all the time. To be honest, I don't even know what that's supposed to mean. Rizzo says it in Grease.

Answer: First, it's supposed to make the other person feel bitterness or pain as he longs for something out of reach.

The ancients believed that sorrow and envy silently "ate away" at the heart, "each sigh draining blood from the organ." In Henry VI, Shakespeare wrote:
Might liquid tears, of heart-offending groans,
Or blood-consuming sighs recall his life,
I would be blind with weeping, sick with groans,
Look pale as primrose with blood-drinking sighs
We still say someone who is grieving is "broken-hearted."

By the beginning of the 20th century, "to eat your heart out" meant to pine, but you can yell it out as a cry of triumph if you give someone else a reason to envy you, like if you make a better ballgown as a drag queen than he ever did designing for a real lady (or a Cher).

Source: Expressions & Sayings, Phrases, Cliches, Expressions & Sayings

The More You Know

Epic Duran Duran Tickets

The English New Wave band Duran Duran formed in Birmingham in 1978 and became one of the most successful bands of the 1980s.  Since then, they have placed 14 singles in the Top 10 of the UK singles chart and 21 in the Billboard Hot 100 and have sold more than 100 million records. The band worked with fashion designers to build a sharp and elegant image that earned them the nickname "the prettiest boys in rock."  Their controversial music videos became popular in the early 1908s on the then-new music video channel MTV. If you would like to see Duran Duran at Epic Nightclub in Minneapolis on Friday, April 22nd, check out our Duran Duran tickets and buy yours while it's still a little early!  This one will sell out so don't be left outside without a ticket! Get yours now!

the New York Times is dead to me

Dan, Mike and I have frequently posted on content from the NY Times. As most of you have heard, on Monday the NY Times began charging for digital content.  This is the so called pay wall or pay fence or pay sponge. I have no problem paying for digital content as I subscribe to the Economist, National Geographic, etc on my iPad with specific apps or through Zinio, which is a great app if you haven't tried it. What troubles me with the Times current plan is that they are charging me based on what device I use to read their content.  I mainly read the NY Times (and everything else) on my iPad and phone.  With other digital subscriptions this doesn't matter since I pay a single amount and can access on any device. For example, the Economist charges $110 for a year subscription no matter how I read their content. The NY Times, however, has decided that they will charge $15/4 weeks ($195/year) to read on a phone and an additional $20/month ($260/year) to read the same content on an iPad, for a total of $455/year.  Crazy.

I know there are work arounds like linking off Facebook or through google searchs, but do I really want to do that?  I could also enter my username and password each time and just read on the iPad browser, but that is not the point.  I know I could subscribe to the Sunday Times for $8/week ($416/year) and save $39, but I don't really want to kill trees and waste fuel and this option isn't available in all places.  It is almost like they don't realize there is a digital age upon us.  Netflix doesn't care if I stream on a TV, laptop, or phone and why should they? Do they have extra reporters giving me inside information that only goes to my iPad? No!  There is almost no additional cost (marginal cost) for them to upload the same content to my iPad or phone, so it makes no sense for me to spend $260/year for something that costs them nothing.  They need to join the 21st century and not race back to the past. I thought the Times was called the Gray Lady since it had few pictures, but perhaps there is another reason. So, until they offer one price for digital access, the Times is dead to me.  I won't read (all bookmarks and apps removed) and I won't review, link or comment on NY Times generated content.


Economist online subscription page (so you can see what the world could look like)
WBUR's On Point has a great discussion on this subject that you can listen to.

Jim Dine II - robes

This is the second of three consecutive posts on pop artist Jim Dine - for biographical notes on Dine see Part I below.
Over his career Jim Dine has produced many series of works focused on certain subject matter, tools, bathrobes and hearts amongst them. Dine began painting bathrobes in 1964; though some were titled or subtitled Self-Portrait. The bathrobe became a motif in his repertoire which he has returned to on many occasions, in prints as well as paintings. Though he claimed never to wear a bathrobe, nonetheless it is an article of collective faith that these are all, in a way, self-portraits.
Pictorially, Dine finds the motif convenient because, absent a human within protruding head and limbs, it neatly fits the rectangular limits of the supports he uses, be they paper, stretched canvas, or wood panel. Relatively flat as well, the bathrobe is an armature for the entire unfolding spectacle of his painterly and graphic invention, a design with which he has become increasingly familiar and adept, incrementally shedding its descriptive function until it stands alone as the thing itself, indivisible.

 1975 Black and White Bathrobe (lithograph)

 1983 Cooper Street Robe (woodcut)

 1984 The Robe Following Her

 1986 Atheism (litho)

 1988 Olympic Robe

 1992 Bill Clinton Robe

 1993 Yellow Robe (watercolours, woodcut)

 1995 Very Picante

 1996 Grey Sitting with Me

 2005 Black Ink Robe (lithograph)

 2006 Black Storm of Charcoal

 2007 July on the Palouse (woodcut)

 2007 Sonny Terry

 2008 A Sea of Blood

 2009 Green Rain

 Colored Dots (litho)