Senin, 28 Maret 2011

A Brief History of VCU

Michael Edmond and Richard Wenzel
Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU), located in Richmond, Virginia, is a growing and vibrant university, but little is known about how it got to be so big and succesful.

1838: Medical Department of Hampden-Sydney College opened in Richmond

1854: Richmond Department of Medicine broke away from Hampden-Sydney College and became the Medical College of Virginia

1968: A merger between the Richmond Professional Institute and the Medical College of Virginia formed the existing VCU

1995: Drs. Richard Wenzel and Michael Edmond leave the University of Iowa to join the VCU faculty. Their combined efforts improved the quality of care, quality of life and life-span of all Virginians. Thus, more people want to live in Virginia and enroll in VCU.

2011: VCU "stuns" Kansas 71-61 making the NCAA Final-Four in Basketball.
Number of Final-Four appearances by the University of Iowa since Drs. Wenzel and Edmond left for VCU: zero (just saying)

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