Sabtu, 26 Maret 2011

I want to see a picture of Rico Genest before he was covered in tattoos

: rico genest before; rico genest young

Why: Joel at 2Pz posted this:

it's a nicola formichetti interview where he discusses his own obsession with zombie tatto guy rico genest. he was discovered on facebook. via.
Nicola Formichetti is the new creative designer for French brand Thierry Mugler (now just MUGLER), and Lady Gaga is his other muse.


UPDATE!!!!!! Thanks again Joel for this awesome link!!!
Humm. I'm pretty sure that's just a picture of my friend Allen.

---originally ---

I can't find any anywhere! Somebody halp!

But here are some more from now and his krazy tatz:
Source: not Google Images, nowhere --- then Buzzfeed

The More You Know: Speaking of zombies and horror and things that scare me, are you ready to see Insidious? It comes out next Friday, April 1st! It was written by Saw's Leigh Whannell and features Chandler's sister Corbett as not 1, not 2, but 3 different characters! Keep your eyes peeled! (When I saw a screening several months ago, I missed one of her shots because the scene was too scary and I was looking down at my hands, so ... really, keep them peeled.) Go see it!

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