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What's the origin of the word "gallivanting"?

: gallivant etymology

Why: Last night, Chandler was out gallivanting with his friends while I was stuck at home without a phone or enough "RuPaul's Drag Race"* to entertain me.

*Full episodes online here

Answer: Nobody knows, but maybe it comes from the word "gallant"! Here is a little 1809 snippet from "Songs from the Exile" from The Literary Panorama:
Young Lobski said to his ugly wife,
"I'm off till to-morrow to fish, my life;"
Says Mrs. Lobski, "I'm sure you a'nt",
But you brute you are going to gallivant."

What Mrs. Lobski said was right,
Gay Mr. Lobski was out all night.
He ne'er went to fish, 'tis known very well
But where he went I shall not tell.
That's sweet.

Source: EtymOnline

The More You Know: Did you ever read "Goofus & Gallant" in Highlights? Go on a story adventure with them here!
Those are awful names for children.

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