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Is Angela Lansbury English?

: angela lansbury

Why: A very important announcement!!! The Hallmark Movie Channel is now showing "Murder, She Wrote" every night at 9 and 10 PM! Someone is picking off the visitors to Cabot Cove! Set your DVR to find out whom!
Answer: Yes, sort of! She is even a Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE) - but then, so is Kevin Spacey. Jessica Fletcher was born in London in Oct. 1925, so she will be 86 this year. That is almost as old as Nana!

The hiccup is that she became a naturalized American citizen in 1951, after a failed marriage to a bisexual and during her 54-year marriage to British born producer - and producer of "Murder, She Wrote" - Peter Shaw.

Source: Wikipedia

The More You Know: How many of the distinguished EGOT awards has Angela Lansbury won? Well, not all of them yet, but here's crossing my fingers for a roll in whatever Tom Hopper makes next year. She has:
  • Emmys - 18 nominations! (mostly for "Murder, She Wrote," obvi, but also for 2005 crossover episodes of "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" and "Law & Order: Trial by Jury")
  • Golden Globes* - 6! wins! (4 for "M,SW" and others for The Manchurian Candidate and The Picture of Dorian Gray) and 8 other nominations!
  • Oscars - 3 nominations! (for the 2 movies above and also Gaslight [1944])
  • Tonys - f!i!v!e! wins! - tying neverheardofher Julie Harris for the most a performer has ever received (for Mame [1966], Dear World [1969], Gypsy [1975], Sweeney Todd [1979], and Blithe Spirit [2009])
*The G in EGOT stands for Grammy, not Golden Globe.

She also won the Screen Actors Guild Lifetime Achievement Award in 1996, the year before Elizabeth Taylor, and was the Hasty Pudding Woman of the Year in 1968. She could teach Betty White a thing or two.

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