Kamis, 31 Maret 2011

Have I ever heard of anyone buried in Hollywood Forever Cemetery?

: hollywood forever

Why: We might go to another premiere of Insidious there tonight. (We went to one last night, and the film was awesome. Totes the scariest thing I've ever seen. I could not get out of my house fast enough this morning.) I have only been one time - to Día de los Muertos - and I didn't recognize a single name there. But I did do this:
(It was unseasonably warm.)

Answer: There are a few! These are on the official Interactive Site Map (and some have cenotaphs but aren't really buried there):
and also:
And probably some other people whose names I either didn't notice or didn't recognize, but you know who they are - like Elmer Berger (1891–1952), inventor of the rear-view mirror.

: HollywoodForever.com, Wikipedia

The More You Know: Incidentally, I once made a spreadsheet about Hattie McDaniel and her family (her brother and sister were both actors) because I couldn't believe the number of times they were each credited as Mammy, Porter, or Maid. Rude! Read about her cenotaph and the horrible reason it exists here.

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