Rabu, 30 Maret 2011

Treating KPCs? - Eat Yogurt? NOT

CNN's advice for KPCs? - Eat Yogurt
In a recent piece on CNN, Elizabeth Cohen discusses the recent KPC outbreak in SoCal.  She offers some advice to patients and families as to how they can help prevent these 'superbug' infections under the heading "sorting fact from fiction."  Let's go through this: 1) Wash hands - check  2) Remove unnecessary catheters - check  and ....3) Eat Yogurt.?!?  What the?  To be fair, when she was challenged by the other news person, she backed off and said yogurt prevented some infections and not specifically KPCs, but why include it in the graphic?  Was yogurt the fiction to the hand hygiene fact?  Is the data even suggestive that yogurt "prevents" C. diff? Maybe this is a case of powerpoint making us stupid because she felt the need to have at least three bullet points per slide?

A study in Altern Ther Health Med from 2005 found no benefit of a non-dairy probiotic on the gut microflora including Klebsiella. The CNN article quotes my long lost co-fellow Mitch Schwaber, who was the author of the Israeli KPC outbreak that we highlighted last week. Hopefully Mitch will be in Dallas and I can ask him about the yogurt...

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