Kamis, 31 Maret 2011

David Livermore fights NDM-1, the 'super' superbug

David Livermore and NDM-1
There is a new story at MSNBC.com highlighting David Livermore, NDM-1, and the myriad of reasons for the expansion of MDR-bacteria and hospital infections: little investment in antibiotic discovery and infection prevention.  I like this quote from the article in regards to infection prevention: "If it is done properly, it can ease the demand for drugs in the first place."  Dr. Livermore is the Director of the Antibiotic Resistance Monitoring & Reference Laboratory (ARMRL) at the HPA Centre for Infections in London. The story is surprisingly well-written, includes the usual human-interest angle and quite long but worth a read.

h/t Mark Vander Weg

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