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FIFA World Cup 2010 Schedule

FIFA World Cup Football Official mascot

FIFA World Cup Football Official mascot

FIFA World Cup Football 2010 Group Matches Schedule::

Group A

Jun. 11

South Africa vs. Mexico 10:00 am, Johannesburg

Uruguay vs. France 2:30 pm, Cape Town

Jun. 16
South Africa vs. Uruguay 2:30 pm, Pretoria

Jun. 17

France vs. Mexico 7:30 am, Polokwane

Jun. 22
Mexico vs. Uruguay 10:00 am, Rustenburg
France vs. South Africa 10:00 am, Bloemfontein

Group B

Jun 12
Argentina vs. Nigeria 7:30 am, Johannesburg
South Korea vs. Greece 10:00 am, Port Elizabeth

Jun. 17
Greece vs. Nigeria 10:00 am, Bloemfontein
Argentina vs. South Korea 2:30 pm, Johannesburg

Jun. 22
Nigeria vs. South Korea 2:30 pm, Durban

Greece vs. Argentina 2:30 pm, Polokwane

Group C:

Jun. 12
England vs. United States 2:30 pm, Rustenburg

Jun 13
Algeria vs. Slovenia 7:30 am, Polokwane

Jun. 18
Slovenia vs. United States 10:00 am, Johannesburg
England vs. Algeria 2:30 pm, Cape Town

Jun. 23
Slovenia vs. England 10:00 am, Port Elizabeth
United States vs. Algeria 10:00 am, Pretoria

Group D:

Jun. 13
Germany vs. Australia 10:00 am, Durban
Serbia vs. Ghana 2:30 pm, Pretoria

Jun. 18
Germany vs. Serbia 7:30 am, Port Elizabeth

Jun. 19
Ghana vs. Australia 7:30 am, Rustenburg

Jun. 23
Ghana vs. Germany 2:30 pm, Johannesburg
Australia vs. Serbia  2:30 pm, Nelspruit

Group E:

Jun. 14
Netherlands vs. Denmark 7:30 am, Johannesburg
Japan vs. Cameroon 10:00 am, Bloemfontein

Jun. 19
Netherlands vs. Japan 10:00 am, Durban
Cameroon vs. Denmark 2:30 pm, Pretoria

Jun. 24
Denmark vs. Japan 2:30 pm, Rustenburg
Cameroon vs. Netherlands 2:30 pm, Cape Town

Group F:

Jun. 14
Italy vs. Paraguay 2:30 pm, Cape Town

Jun. 15
New Zealand vs. Slovakia 7:30 am, Rustenburg

Jun. 20
Slovakia vs. Paraguay 7:30 am, Bloemfontein
Italy vs. New Zealand 10:00 am, Nelspruit

Jun. 24
Slovakia vs. Italy 10:00 am, Johannesburg
Paraguay vs. New Zealand 10:00 am, Polokwane

Group G:

Jun. 15
Ivory Coast vs. Portugal 10:00 am, Port Elizabeth
Brazil vs. North Korea 2:30 pm, Johannesburg

Jun. 20
Brazil vs. Ivory Coast 2:30 pm, Johannesburg

Jun. 21
Portugal vs. North Korea 7:30 am, Cape Town

Jun. 25
North Korea vs. Ivory Coast 10:00 am, Nelspruit
Portugal vs. Brazil 10:00 am, Durban

Group H:

Jun. 16
Honduras vs. Chile 7:30 am, Nelspruit
Spain vs. Switzerland 10:00 am, Durban

Jun. 21
Chile vs. Switzerland 10:00 am, Port Elizabeth
Spain vs. Honduras 2:30 pm, Johannesburg

Jun. 25
Switzerland vs. Honduras 2:30 pm, Bloemfontein
Chile vs. Spain 2:30 pm, Pretoria

FIFA World cup

2022 FIFA World Cup stadiums

Qatar aims to bring the World Cup to the Middle East for the first time in the history of the tournament. FIFA's Executive Committee will vote on the locations of the 2018 and 2022 World Cup Finals on December 2, 2010, in Zurich, Switzerland.

Al gharafa stadium qatar

AL GHARAFA, QATAR illustration provided by Qatar 2022/HH Vision, a ground level view is displayed of Al Gharafa stadium, located close to Doha, where the current capacity will also double to 44,740 via a modular upper tier stand if Qatar wins the right to stage the FIFA World Cup in 2022. The stadium facade will be made up of the colours of all the countries qualifying for Qatar 2022, symbolising the friendship, mutual tolerance and respect of the FIFA World Cup and Qatar.

Al khor stadium qatarAl khor stadium qatar 2AL KHOR, QATAR artist's illustration provided by Qatar 2022/HH Vision, an elevated view is displayed of the 45,330 capacity Al Khor stadium located in the north east of Qatar, set in its own park setting and designed as a stunning asymmetrical seashell motif. Some spectators will be able to see the Gulf from their seats while players will benefit from a flexible roof providing shade over the pitch. Al shamal stadium qatarAL SHAMAL, QATAR illustration provided by Qatar 2022/HH Vision, an aerial view is displayed of a 45,120 capacity stadium located in Al-Shamal in the north of Qatar, on the edge of the Arabian Gulf. The stadium's bowl shape design is derived from the 'traditional dhows', the local fishing boats of the Gulf. Around 10% of spectators for Al-Shamal are expected to arrive via the Qatar-Bahrain Friendship Bridge, which will be the longest free-standing bridge in the world.Al wakrah stadium qatar

Al wakrah stadium qatar 2 AL WAKRAH, QATAR illustration provided by Qatar 2022/HH Vision, a ground level view is displayed of a 45,000 capacity stadium located in Al Wakrah in the south of Qatar, set in a park setting that includes a themed swimming pool, spa zone, spots facilities and shopping mall. The main stadium entrance will face onto a beautiful plaza that will create a sense of one large extended park

THE OBSERVER - april 25th: new york

Read the entire column here.

Black Wallpaper - 1680 x 1050

Benefits of Universal Gloving

Last but not least in the May issue of ICHE, Gonzalo Bearman and our very own Mike Edmond from VCU in Richmond, completed a nice quasi-experimental study looking at the benefits of universal gloving for all patient contact vs. standard contact precautions in their 18-bed surgical ICU. In phase 1 from September '07 to March '08, only standard contact precautions based on passive (clinical culture-directed) surveillance were used while in phase 2 from March '08 to Sept '08 universal gloving with emollient-impregnated gloves was used without contact precautions. During both phases, admission and every 4 day surveillance cultures were performed for MRSA and VRE but for study purposes only and not shared with the clinical teams.

So what happened? Only good things. Universal gloving compliance was 78% in phase 2 and was associated with higher hand hygiene compliance on entry (5% higher) and exit (12% higher). It also appears that universal gloving was associated with reduced CLABSI and catheter-UTIs, but with p-values = 0.1 for both outcomes. C. difficile was also lower (2.0/1,000 patient-days down to 1.4/1,000) but this finding was not statistically significant, p=0.53. VAP rates were the same (1.0 vs 1.1/1000 device days) The most important finding, in my opinion, was that HCW were less likely to have MRSA and VRE contaminating their hands during the universal glove phase. Despite what the authors state (Mike don't be mad!), the study was not likely powered sufficiently to find reduced acquisition, given that MRSA acquisition was reduced by 50% with universal glove (2.9/1000 patient-days vs. 1.4/1000 patient days) but this had a p=0.2.

I think overall, that these findings suggest that universal gloving shows promise warranting further study. I wonder if they stopped universal gloving after the study period? If they did, this would make for a very epidemiologically sound quasi-study (roll-in and roll-out) which could be analyzed using more powerful segmented Poisson regression,which can detect a change in slope and intercept associated with starting or stopping the intervention.

The June ICHE just appeared online 5 minutes ago...more exciting evidence for us to review!

Mo'nique State Theatre Tickets

In exactly two weeks from today, Mo'nique will be performing at the State Theatre in Minneapolis. The big day will be on Friday, May 14th and the show starts at 8 pm. Mo'nique first rose to fame in the UPN series The Parkers and since then has made a name for herself as a stand-up comedian hosting a variety of venues. Now is your chance to get a great deal on Mo'nique State Theatre tickets! Ticket King has some of the best seats in the house!! Check them out and grab yours now before they're gone!

Christian Louboutin‘s Third Barbie

Christian Louboutin‘s third Barbie collection is out! The limited-edition Anemone Barbie wore a satin chartreuse and purple gown with a bow. It also comes with four mini red-soled shoes. If you want to own this $150 fashionable doll, you can check Net-a-porter.com.

Christian Louboutin,barbie

Summer Concerts at the Minnesota Zoo

If you live in Minnesota and like to attend concerts, we've got great news for you! The Minnesota Zoo has a very nice lineup scheduled for this summer and Ticket King is carrying tickets to ALL the big events! Be sure to check our website to view our entire inventory of Minnesota Zoo concert tickets. There will be performances by Straight No Chaser, Blues Traveler, Gear Daddies, Dark Star Orchestra, The Wailers, Devo, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Greg Brown, Taj Mahal, Joan Baez, Los Lobos, Los Lonely Boys, Dave Koz & Jonathan Butler, Squeeze, Marc Cohn, Jimmy Cliff, Gaelic Storm, George Thorogood & many more!! But don't wait- these shows WILL sell out!! Get your tickets today while you can!

Marc Jacobs in Time Magazine World's Most Influential People

marc jacobs
Marc Jacobs was named as one of the 100 most influential people in the world by Time Magazine. When I checked the Time Magazine's website, I was surprised by the story written by Victoria Beckham for her friend, Marc Jacobs. Victoria praised Marc Jacobs for the changes he had made with each of his collection. Marc Jacobs must be very proud because he is the only fashion designed that was included in the list.

Meanwhile, some artists and entertainers like Lady Gaga, Robert Pattinson, Sandra Bullock and Glee‘s Lea Michele were also featured on Time‘s list.

Click here to view the complete list.


Come early, we'll have an open bar with vodka!

Photos of my Day 2 in Toronto including The Society x Balenciaga Perfume x Facehunter party at The Bay are up on my visual diary.
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What's the difference between Jefferson Airplane, Jefferson Starship, and Starship?

: jefferson airplane

: Every time my brother hears "We Built This City," he calls to tell me that it was my favorite song when I was little. "No, no," he says, "You didn't just like it. You loved it." I have seen a Betamax tape of little me dancing around to it...

But I digress. What's the diff?

Answer: A short list of line-ups and singles:

Jefferson Airplane (1965-72, 1985-) - Grace Slick, Marty Balin, Jorma Kaukonen, Paul Kantner, Jack Casady, Spencer Dryden, Signe Toly Anderson, Bob Harvey, Jerry Peloquin, Skip Spence, Joey Covington, Papa John Creach, John Barbata, David Freiberg
Jefferson Starship (1974-84, 1992-) - Grace Slick, Paul Kantner, Jerry Garcia, Jack Casady, Joey Covington, David Crosby, David Freiberg, Mickey Hart, Peter Kaukonen, Bill Kreutzmann, Graham Nash, Harvey Brooks, Phill Sawyer, Craig Chaquico, Johnny Barbata, Papa John Creach - and all of these people
  • "Miracles" (1975)
  • "With Your Love" (1976)
  • "Jane" (1979)
In June 1984, Paul Kantner, the last remaining founding member of Jefferson Airplane, left Jefferson Starship, and then took legal action over the Jefferson Starship name against his former bandmates. Kantner settled out of court and signed an agreement that neither party would use the names "Jefferson" or "Airplane" unless all members of Jefferson Airplane, Inc. agreed to it (Bill Thompson, Paul Kantner, Grace Slick, Jorma Kaukonen, Jack Casady). The band briefly changed its name to "Starship Jefferson" while legal proceedings occurred, but ultimately the name was reduced to simply "Starship."

Starship (1984-1990) - Grace Slick, Mickey Thomas, Craig Chaquico, Brett Bloomfield, Mark Morgan, Kenny Stayripolous, Christina Marie Saxton, Melisa Kary
There is also a Jefferson Starship - The Next Generation. Who cares.

This is what Grace Slick looks like, btw.
Source: Wikipedia

The More You Know
: My god, the 80s were righteous.

Where do soft shell turtles live?

: soft shell turtle

: Jason posted this video of a soft shell turtle on a Roomba. It looks like it has webbed feet, aka needs to be in water.
Answer: In water!
In nature, most soft-shelled turtles reside in bodies of water with soft mud or sandy bottoms where they bury themselves and away passing prey.
Source: Chelonia.org

The More You Know
: Soft-shell turtles are so-called because their carapace doesn't have horny scutes (scales), but instead is leathery and pliable. Varieties live in Africa, Asia, and Southeast Asia, and some were recently discovered in North America!! They can be kept as pets, but they require a ton of equipment. And they are weird looking.

Rhinoceroses and Total Hip Arthroplasty

Distinctions are very important. I was just visiting Ohio last week and had the chance to visit the Columbus Zoo. It's a pretty cool place if you like zoos. I enjoyed reading about various animals and learned that the Black Rhino is endangered, while the White Rhino is not. Thus, it would make sense to spend your conservation money, if you have some, on Black Rhinos first, since time is running out. In infection control, we ought to do the same thing, but in reverse; spending our limited resources on preventing more common infections first. Also, with the rise of public reporting and other methods of interhospital comparison, efforts must be made to place hospitals on a level playing field. There is a nice study that highlights these two issues in the May ICHE by Surbhi Leekha and colleagues at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN.

They examined at a 5-year cohort (2002-2006) of all total hip arthroplasties (primary and revision) and looked to see who developed SSI, using CDC definitions. After controlling for age, gender and NNIS index, patients who had a revision total hip arthroplasty had twice the odds of SSI compared to primary surgery (OR=2.2, 95% CI 1.3-3.7). The difference was even more stark when outcomes were restricted to deep or organ space SSI with revisional surgery associated with four times the odds of SSI (OR 3.9, 95% CI, 2-7.9). One note, they didn't appear to control for duration of surgery as a confounder, even though it was associated with both revisions and SSI. I think this is correct. They were not completing a risk-factor study, but were interested in outcomes.

The usual caveats apply to these types of studies including a single center study and a relatively unique single center at that. However, this is an important study and if these findings hold up at other institutions, which they most certainly will, this suggests that the case-mix of revision and primary hip arthroplasty must be taken into account when SSI rates are reported and hospitals compared. Perhaps an easier solution, as the authors suggest, is to treat them as two different animals, if you will, and report them separately. Also, if one wanted to target specific infections or high-risk procedures, these results suggest targeting revision surgeries over primary ones.

Note: Surbhi is joining the group at my old Maryland stomping grounds and I know everyone is excited for her to arrive.

Cheap State Theatre Owl City Tickets!!

If you're a fan of Owl City, you should know that the man behind the music, Adam Young, will be traveling back to his hometown of Minneapolis this Saturday for TWO performances at the State Theatre! The early afternoon performance will be at 2pm on Saturday, May 1st, while the later show will be at 7:30pm on Saturday. If you haven't bought your State Theatre Owl City tickets yet, have no fear! Ticket King still has a very nice selection to choose from starting BELOW face value at just $30 per ticket for main floor or balcony seats! Grab yours today before they're gone!

MOSCOW - tess, red square, 04/28/10

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You are all welcome to 'hang out', have some wine, listen to a few tunes and maybe have a chat.

PS about the previous post: she's a girl and her name is Kate!

Female Anime

this cool female anime for you........

Who was the wedding band in "The Time Traveler's Wife"?

: time traveler's wife

: I watched that movie last night. The band was covering "Love Will Tear Us Apart" by Joy Division which, jicydak, is probably the worst wedding song ever.

Answer: Broken Social Scene! which is weird because I really like them, but as I was watching that scene, I was thinking, "This band is awful."

But try this song! Clap along at 1:42.
Source: Wikipedia

The More You Know
: I saw Broken Social Scene in 2006-ish in Boston, and Feist opened for them. I don't know if you know this, but she was one of the girl voices on their 2003 album You Forgot It In People, which Jake sent me when I was in Europe. She is also a butterface.

Vishwanathan Anand wins fourth round of World Chess Championship


Oxymoron of the Day

A new white coat design greeted me this morning when I arrived at the office. One that I'm sure Mike will call me about immediately to order for his hospital! We all know how much he loves white coats. (that's a joke if you are new around here)

I've already stated previously, that I don't know what a metaphor is, so it won't be a surprise to you that I'm not sure if this coat qualifies as a true oxymoron, a physical oxymoron or is just ironic. I do think it sums up my feelings towards infection prevention these days. We are driven by the desire for zero infections, which while good in theory, can have unintended negative consequences. This white coat is a perfect example: Good for education (although I suspect that is debatable) and bad for spreading pathogenic bacteria (MSSA, MRSA, Acinetobacter) from patient to patient.

Anyway, Dan's post below is more interesting, so please move along.

MOSCOW - boy or girl?, russian seasons, 04/27/10