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WARSAW - agata, centrum sztuki współczesnej & renée, plac trech krzyzy, 06/30/10

Hay's Galleria market, London England

William Cubitt was responsible for the creation of Hay's Wharf in Southwark of London Borough, completed in 1856. It is located on the River Thames between London and Tower Bridge.

After being burned in a 1861 fire and bombed in world war two, it was renovated by Twigg Brown Architects in 1987.

The enclosed dock received 80% of England's tea. The warehouses are today upscale shopping venues and an arched glass roof covers the walkway. Salmon Pink granite and Yorkstone sandstone clad the fine exterior flooring.

Video: inside
More Info and Images

Minnesota Lynx vs. San Antonio Silver Stars

If you haven't been to a Minnesota Lynx game yet, what are you waiting for?!?! Based in Minneapolis, this women's basketball team is the sister to the Minnesota Timberwolves and started their inaugural season in 1999. After making a few offseason transactions, the Lynx have been declared as the most-improved team as the 2010 season began. Now you can see the Minnesota Lynx play the San Antonio Silver Stars next Thursday, July 8th at the Target Center in Minneapolis!! Ticket King has some AMAZING lower level seats right behind the Lynx bench for just $65 a piece. Purchase your Minnesota Lynx vs. San Antonio Silver Stars tickets today and conveniently pick them up from our Minneapolis office, located right by the Metrodome. GO LYNX!!!

Widespread Panic Orpheum Theatre Tickets

Formed in Athens, Georgia in 1986, Widespread Panic has risen to the elite status among the jam band circuit in America. Following in the steps of other southern rock jam bands such as the Allman Brothers, they are frequently compared to other jam band 'road warriors' such as the Grateful Dead & Phish. The band's name originates from lead guitarist Michael Houser's once-frequent panic attacks. Widespread Panic is known for never playing the same show twice with their show-to-show ritual of choosing the night's setlist. I saw them play at the 10,000 Lakes Festival last summer and now YOU can see Widespread Panic too! They'll be performing at the Orpheum Theatre in Minneapolis in exactly a week from today (Wed. July 7th) at 7:30 pm. Ticket King has a few Widespread Panic tickets left but I can guarantee they won't last much longer so grab them now if you would like to attend the show!

Styx, Foreigner, Kansas Target Center Tickets

Three legendary rock bands will all be playing under one roof tomorrow night... Thats right- Styx, Foreigner & Kansas will all be at the Target Center in Minneapolis tomorrow evening at 7pm. Ticket King still has some really nice seats to choose from starting at just $85 each for lower level tickets right by the stage! That's a steal of a deal to see three bands in one night! Also, remember that your tickets can easily be picked up from our Minneapolis office, located right by the Metrodome at 212 Chicago Avenue. ROCK ON!

Tadanori Yokoo

Tadanori Yokoo (横尾忠則, Yokoo Tadanori) born 1936 in Hyogo, is a Japanese graphic designer, illustrator, printmaker and painter.

Yokoo (pronounced "yoko-o") is one of Japan's most successful and internationally recognized graphic designers and artists. He began his career as a stage designer for avant garde theatre in Tokyo. His early work shows the influence of the New York based Push Pin Studio (Milton Glaser and Seymour Chwast in particular) but Yokoo himself cites filmmaker Akira Kurosawa and writer Yukio Mishima as two of his most formative influences.

In the late 1960s he became interested in mysticism and psychedelia, deepened by travels in India. Because his work was so attuned to 1960s pop culture, he has often been (unfairly) described as the "Japanese Andy Warhol" or likened to psychedelic poster artist Peter Max, but Yokoo's complex and multi-layered imagery is intensely autobiographical and entirely original.

By the late 60s he had already achieved international recognition for his work and was included in the 1968 "Word & Image" exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Four years later MoMA mounted a solo exhibition of his graphic work organized by Mildred Constantine. Yokoo collaborated extensively with Shuji Terayama and his theater Tenjo Sajiki. He has also starred as a protagonist in Nagisa Oshima's film Diary of a Shinjuku Thief.

In 1981 he unexpectedly "retired" from commercial work and took up painting. His career as a fine artist continues to this day with numerous exhibitions of his paintings every year, but alongside this he remains fully engaged and prolific as a graphic designer.

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I want to see a video of an angler fish eating

: anglerfish eating

: On "How the Male Angler Fish Gets Completely Screwed" on Oatmeal (I won't post the whole thing because it's so big):
Answer: Well I can't find anything, probably because the angler fish lives just about on the bottom of the ocean. But this is a kind of neat compilation of bioluminescent sea monsters:
But how do they even know that eating thing is true? I bet someone just made it up.

: :(

The More You Know
: Maybe look at this informative graphic. Click on it, plz:

Angelic Layer Anime

Has a crocodile ever really terrorized a village?

: giant crocodile terrorize

Why: You might guess that it's because I watched Dinocroc vs. Supergator this weekend,
but it's not. It's because Leigh was talking about Rogue (which I have not yet seen, but you better believe that I plan to).

: Omg yes! Very recently! From May 24, 2010:

Crocodiles terrorize Kenya village, gobbling up human prey

Villagers in Kenya are literally being eaten alive as crocodiles in the Tana River target human prey with devastating success. People in the village Bilisa say crocodile attacks are on the rise and have claimed 6 lives in the last year.

The crocodiles usually go after women who come to the river for water. Dhiramu Batefu of was gobbled up two weeks ago, while she was collecting water for her family.

"[The crocodile] splashed her with water and grabbed and pulled her into the deep water," said Batefu Hanti, the victim's husband.

After snatching its prey and dragging them underwater, the crocodile always resurfaces for a moment with the victim in its mouth, villagers say.

The crocodile problem has been made worse by the village's broken borehole, or water well, which used to allow villagers to get water without going to the river.

"We are asking well-wishers to repair for us the borehole," villager Mzee Dube Molu said. "Crocodiles will finish our people."

Yiiiipes!! And in 2008:
Raging, Gargantuan Crocodile Terrorizes Australian Workers

A huge crocodile has been terrorizing road workers in the Gulf of Carpentaria after a rival male was shot and beheaded by trophy hunters. Wildlife rangers revealed the 5.8m crocodile had become highly aggressive in the aftermath of the illegal killing three weeks ago of its smaller rival.

Officers said the big croc has since been stalking and lunging at construction crews working on a bridge on the Albert River near Burketown.

“He is a monster and he is very upset,” said Carpentaria Land Council ranger coordinator Kevin Anderson. “He has been hanging around the bridge and snapping and lunging at anything in the water. Those workers need eyes in their backsides.”

Mr Anderson said the huge bull croc became enraged when the dead body of the killed crocodile, a rival male living upstream, floated through his territory.

Workers at the construction site used a large crane to pull the dead 4.4m reptile from the water. It had a bullet wound in its side. Later that night, an unknown “trophy hunter” cut off its head.

“The big croc, twice the size of the one that was killed, will now fight and kill at least three other male crocs as they try to take over the territory.”

Meanwhile, the 4.3 meter crocodile believed to have taken tourist Arthur Booker near Cooktown two weeks ago will probably go to a crocodile farm. Under the state’s crocodile management plan no animal involved in an attack is allowed to be put on display.

“It will not be released back into the wild,” a spokeswoman said. “As it is an iconic animal, the crocodile will not be harmed or killed.”

Shooting this crocodile was a mistake - his angry, massive, brother has sworn a blood oath of revenge against Australians

Alligators occasionally terrorize towns, too!

: NY Daily News, Fear Beneath

The More You Know
: But Rogue is based on the true story of Sweetheart, a giant crocodile in 1970s Australia who hated the sound of outboard motors so much that he just chewed them up. He was like 70 or 80 years old and 5.5 meters long. That's great big! Now he's stuffed in a tacky museum and ready to pose with you!

Josh Turner Mystic Lake Showroom Tickets

Josh Turner is an American country music singer and actor that began singing early on in his church choir. In 2001, Josh Turner debuted on the Grand Ole Opry with the song "Long Black Train," then in 2003 he released his debut album also entitled Long Black Train. Since then, Josh has released four studio albums and has won awards for Song of the Year and Songwriter of the Year in 2004. Now is your chance to get a great deal on Josh Turner Mystic Lake Showroom tickets and see him perform live on Thursday, August 19th at 7:30 pm. Our seats in the center section currently start at just $90 each. Get yours now before it's too late!

Celebrity Wallpaper - Brad Pit

PARIS - men's fashion week ss 11, 06/27/10

All the photos of my stay in Oslo are up on my visual diary.

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Cowboy hats always win? FDA nudges towards limiting antibiotics in animal feed

According to an article in today's NY Times, the FDA has just released a new policy limiting agricultural antibiotic uses to settings protecting animal health, and stating that veterinarians should be involved in the drugs’ uses. Various estimates suggest that between 13% and 70% of total antibiotic use occurs in agricultural settings solely to promote animal growth. These new changes may reduce slightly the amount of penicillins and tetracyclines used in animals. However, it is not clear that limiting "old" antibiotics such as these will have a large impact on MDR-bacteria in humans since it represents marginal use of antibiotics with resistance genes/mechanisms already circulating.

This quote from the article seems accurate: "In the battle between public health and agriculture, the guys with the cowboy hats generally win."

NY Times article (here)

Are citizen's arrests a real thing?

: citizen's arrest

: And can I make one? And how?

: Sure! In many/most countries, a private citizen has the right to detain a suspected criminal until law enforcement personnel can assume custody.
The practice can be traced back to English common law during the Middle Ages, although each country or state can modify the rules of engagement. During the earliest days of modern justice systems, performing a citizen's arrest was a much more common practice. Merchants would routinely detain shoplifters and thieves caught in the act, often bringing them directly to a local constable's office for trial.Now, the practice is less common because a) there are more policemen and b) criminals are better armed. Some reasons to not perform a citizen's arrest:
  • You could get seriously injured or dead.
  • If you make a mistake and detain an innocent suspect, you could be srsly fckd.
But if you so choose, you can make a legal citizen's arrest based on immediacy. Ex:
  • You witness a mugging and then detain the mugger.
  • You witness a scenario with serious potential for crime, e.g. a masked man walking toward a car with a crowbar.
This would still be true even if the 'crime' turned out to be a misunderstanding. If someone sees a man climbing through a broken window, he cannot be held responsible for false arrest if the man turns out to be the owner of the building who lost his keys.
But your best bet is just to observe the details of the suspect and the crime scene, like a license plate number, physical description, type of weapon, number of times he bludgeons that hobo, etc. Then you can tell the police and make a signed statement with intent to press charges.
Source: WiseGeek

The More You Know
: Do you know the difference between e.g. and i.e.? A quick review:
  • e.g. - exempli gratia, "for example"
I watched several movies this weekend, e.g. Heathers, Dinocroc vs. Supergator, Beetlejuice, and at least half of Oldboy.
  • i.e. - id est, "that is"
My imminent new favorite movie, i.e. Roger Corman's Sharktopus, still does not have a goddamn release date.

Oxford Natural History Museum, Oxford England

Thomas Newenham Deane and Benjamin Woodward designed the Oxford University Museum of Natural History in Parks Road in Oxford, England, with influence from John Ruskin. Following the traditional church layout, the neo-Gothic structure has modern cast iron pillars dividing three aisles, with a glass roof overhead. Stone columns surround the main spaces with cloistered arcades.

The secularized architecture has statues of scientists rather than saints, ornamented trims of leaves and flowers rather than angels. Upon completion in 1860, the museum hosted debates between church and science with evolutionary biology versus dogmatic theology views of creation. Large dinosaur skeletons and display cases of evolutionary evidence fill the museum today.

More Info and Images , Virtual tour , More Info

Empowering patients to ask providers to wash their hands

"2000 miles
Is very far through the snow
I'll think of you
Wherever you go"
- Chrissie Hynde

We moved our family to Iowa City last week. There is something about being back in the Middle West that gets me singing old Pretenders' songs. I can't really explain it. One thing I've immediately noticed is that people say "hand washing" here and not "hand warshing" like I heard often back east.

Enough of that. There is a qualitative study out in the June issue of the Journal of Patient Safety by Amanda Garcia-Williams and colleagues from the CDC's DHQP that assessed the CDC video "Hand Hygiene Saves Lives" as a tool of patient empowerment. They conducted four focus groups using laypersons without hospital exposure in the past year, laypersons with hospital exposure, nurses and physicians. There are a lot of interesting findings within the study and many should be subject to further analysis.

The primary finding was that laypersons were much more likely to ask a nurse to wash his/her hands after watching the video, however, those with recent hospital exposure stated that they would still be "nervous" or "scared" to do so. Interestingly, laypersons with hospital exposure were more likely to ask physicians to wash their hands after watching the video but those without hospital exposure were not influenced by the video to ask physicians to wash their hands.

A very interesting finding was that laypersons with hospital exposure had lower levels of perceived risk for HAIs than persons who hadn't been in the hospital recently. Perhaps fear of the unknown is playing a role here. I suspect this fear could be used positively to get them to monitor compliance among their healthcare providers. Overall, I found the results of this study promising. Hopefully they will continue to analyze the impact of this video through quasi-experimental study or using other methods to see if this video intervention actually results in changed patient behavior, improved hand hygiene compliance, and dare I dream, reduced HAIs.

Article in the Journal of Patient Safety (here)

Journal 5

I doubtful about present my product. When I read and study information, I know wide product line. Levi’s jean makes to produces many country Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific and Asia. They have create different marketing strategies for individual country, it involve different style of jeans. I want to know how to present so that appropriate value brand. Should I choose information of main country as United state or involve information from many country?

I have class in the last week. We talk interview issues, it’s benefit for me when I will be interviewer for job. Teacher gives assignment about role play; the new employee will make the first work at the company. My group plan that the company in the Arub have two new employees, Public relation and sectary and we separate function, I show to be computer data processing.