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What's the origin of the word "ramble"?

: ramble etymology

: In On Beauty by Zadie Smith:
It was the shady groves of dictionaries that Jack fell in love, bowed his head in awe and thrilled at an unlikely tale, for example, the bizarre etymology of the intransitive verb 'ramble.'
Answer: It comes from the Dutch words rammalen and rammen, which mean "to copulate with," specifically referring to cats! WHAT!
"used of the night wanderings of the amorous cat"
That is from the late 14th century. Then came something or other about walking around. The meaning "to talk or write incoherently" first appeared in the 1630s.

Source: Podictionary, EtymOnline

The More You Know
: "Ramblin' Rose" is a kind of boring country-sounding song by Nat King Cole.

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