Kamis, 24 Juni 2010

Who's Hiring College Grads and Other College News in USA

It's late June. That means it's been anywhere from two months to a couple of days since the class of 2010 graduated. It also means that there are probably tons of unemployed recent college grads. For your benefit, recent graduates: Forbes put together a slide show of companies that are hiring recent college grads.
- The new president-elect of the NCAA, Mark Emmert, spoke to college athletics officials in Anaheim, Calif., outlining his plans for his new job, the Chronicle of Higher Education reports. It was Emmert's first major address since taking the job in April, and the president-to-be laid out all sorts of issues he plans to tackle: financial sustainability, academic and athletic balance, and the role of "commercial activities in producing revenue."
- Community colleges are having trouble handling the massive influx of new students, the New York Times reports. Even with President Obama's new initiative promoting community college as a steppingstone to a job or a four-year degree, community colleges are grappling with major budget issues themselves.
- Speaking of community colleges, Inside Higher Ed reports that many community colleges are slashing athletics budgets to make up for budget problems.

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