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Has a crocodile ever really terrorized a village?

: giant crocodile terrorize

Why: You might guess that it's because I watched Dinocroc vs. Supergator this weekend,
but it's not. It's because Leigh was talking about Rogue (which I have not yet seen, but you better believe that I plan to).

: Omg yes! Very recently! From May 24, 2010:

Crocodiles terrorize Kenya village, gobbling up human prey

Villagers in Kenya are literally being eaten alive as crocodiles in the Tana River target human prey with devastating success. People in the village Bilisa say crocodile attacks are on the rise and have claimed 6 lives in the last year.

The crocodiles usually go after women who come to the river for water. Dhiramu Batefu of was gobbled up two weeks ago, while she was collecting water for her family.

"[The crocodile] splashed her with water and grabbed and pulled her into the deep water," said Batefu Hanti, the victim's husband.

After snatching its prey and dragging them underwater, the crocodile always resurfaces for a moment with the victim in its mouth, villagers say.

The crocodile problem has been made worse by the village's broken borehole, or water well, which used to allow villagers to get water without going to the river.

"We are asking well-wishers to repair for us the borehole," villager Mzee Dube Molu said. "Crocodiles will finish our people."

Yiiiipes!! And in 2008:
Raging, Gargantuan Crocodile Terrorizes Australian Workers

A huge crocodile has been terrorizing road workers in the Gulf of Carpentaria after a rival male was shot and beheaded by trophy hunters. Wildlife rangers revealed the 5.8m crocodile had become highly aggressive in the aftermath of the illegal killing three weeks ago of its smaller rival.

Officers said the big croc has since been stalking and lunging at construction crews working on a bridge on the Albert River near Burketown.

“He is a monster and he is very upset,” said Carpentaria Land Council ranger coordinator Kevin Anderson. “He has been hanging around the bridge and snapping and lunging at anything in the water. Those workers need eyes in their backsides.”

Mr Anderson said the huge bull croc became enraged when the dead body of the killed crocodile, a rival male living upstream, floated through his territory.

Workers at the construction site used a large crane to pull the dead 4.4m reptile from the water. It had a bullet wound in its side. Later that night, an unknown “trophy hunter” cut off its head.

“The big croc, twice the size of the one that was killed, will now fight and kill at least three other male crocs as they try to take over the territory.”

Meanwhile, the 4.3 meter crocodile believed to have taken tourist Arthur Booker near Cooktown two weeks ago will probably go to a crocodile farm. Under the state’s crocodile management plan no animal involved in an attack is allowed to be put on display.

“It will not be released back into the wild,” a spokeswoman said. “As it is an iconic animal, the crocodile will not be harmed or killed.”

Shooting this crocodile was a mistake - his angry, massive, brother has sworn a blood oath of revenge against Australians

Alligators occasionally terrorize towns, too!

: NY Daily News, Fear Beneath

The More You Know
: But Rogue is based on the true story of Sweetheart, a giant crocodile in 1970s Australia who hated the sound of outboard motors so much that he just chewed them up. He was like 70 or 80 years old and 5.5 meters long. That's great big! Now he's stuffed in a tacky museum and ready to pose with you!

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