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What's the song in the new Amazon Kindle commercial?

: song new kindle

Why: I saw it last night during "LOST."

Answer: "Stole My Heart" by Little & Ashley, aka Annie Little and Marcus Ashley. This commercial:
Annie Little, btw, also sang "Fly Me Away" in a Kindle commercial that you saw last year, and she also starred in it.

So are both Little and Ashley in this commercial? According to their MySpace:
The songs in the Amazon commercials began with photographer/director Angela Kohler and production partner Ithyle Griffiths inviting Annie to collaborate with them for an Amazon Kindle video contest, which they proceeded to shoot in a single seven hour day in July 2009. In addition to Little & Ashley performing and co-writing the accompanying song “Fly Me Away”, Annie also starred in the commercial, which ultimately won both the Audience and the Amazon Jury prize. The winning entry is currently airing on television in addition to a subsequent Kindle commercial that features Annie on-screen as well as Little and Ashley’s song “Stole My Heart”, available on their new EP along with “Fly Me Away” and two additional tracks—“Still Missing You” and “Telegrams to Mars”—exclusively on Amazon.
So no, that guy is Ryan Curry.

UPDATE!!!!!!! June 11!!
If you are looking for the one that goes "Come on, let's go," read about it right here! It's the same folks!

: Yahoo! Answers

The More You Know: Listen to the whole song here:
Lyrics go like:
Once upon
A time I saw you walk along
A moonbeam; what a lovely girl
I followed you around the world

I love you, don't you see
You stole my heart in 1-2-3
I love you, yes it's true
You stole my heart and
I'm gonna steal yours too

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