Rabu, 16 April 2008

April 10th- April 14th

Dresses in her moms and grandmothers old clothes.
She usually likes things she can't afford and ends
up buying cheap stuff instead.

Christian-20 Timothy-21 Judd-21
Christian calls his style wizard mountain weed
smoke. Timothy is a cross country traveler and
only wears clothes that fit. Judd's fashion is
boat/dock boy. All the boys are from Florida
and are looking for places to camp in Colorado. If you
see them say hi, then buy them lunch.

Josh-22 & Marilee-21
Marilee likes super rad cotton (anything).
Josh dresses like a bike punk mixed with
an american apparel model.

Says her style is a cacophony of modern
and vintage.

Clayton- 28
Calls his style west coast bump or
frisco disco.

Dresses like a classy slacker.

Tamara-22 & Josh-24
Tamara really likes Japanese fashion and
Josh says Tamara dresses him.

Says she likes to mix and match. She works at
anthropology as the store designer and
can't decide on one categorization of her
personal style. She likes it all!

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