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What's the anatomy of a jellyfish?

: jellyfish anatomy

Why: In this thing about the plastic bag that Werner Herzog narrated for FutureStates, the jellyfish look like this:
Answer: It has:
  • A bell-shaped hood
  • No basic sensory organs
  • No brain
  • A nervous system and rhopalia (small sensory structures) that allows it to perceive stimuli, such as light and odor
  • Oral arms coated with thousands of venomous nematocyst cells. Upon contact, a stinging filament inside each nematocyst uncoils, stabs barbs into the prey, and releases toxins.
  • No intestines
  • No liver
  • No pancreas
  • A orifice used both as a mouth entry and a waste exit
Source: AnimalCorner.co.uk

The More You Know
: Wait, what about those gonads?
Individual Jellyfish are either male or female. The eggs and sperm develop in very colourful special areas called 'Gonads' inside the body wall. When all of the eggs and sperm are fully developed, they are released into the stomach and then through the mouth into the sea. In most cases, to reproduce, a male jellyfish releases his sperm into the surrounding water. The sperm then swims into the mouth of the female jellyfish, allowing the fertilization of the ova process to begin.

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