Jumat, 23 Juli 2010

What are those Above Cruise signs in Hollywood?

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: What are they? We saw one on Franklin and Beachwood (photo from seanstle):
Answer: There's just one, and it's part of a citywide street art installation by public artist Above!
Above flew to Los Angeles for 12 days and hung his new revised "Movie star arrow mobiles" in the heart of Hollywood giving Los Angeles a large dose of exactly what it obsesses about; movies and the actors that make the city of Los Angeles so uniquely scandalous.

Taking 50 of each the top Male and Female Actors from Hollywood's past and present, Above was able to kick off the start of his 4-month long summer tour in the city of Los Angeles. 100 brand new wooden "Movie Star Arrow Mobiles" were hung in Hollywood and Los Angeles areas.
Innovative, stimulating, and controversial! They are above the clouds, get it? Here is a video:

Source: GoAbove

The More You Know
: Datadreamer on Flickr has spotted several others:
  • Jack Nicholson - on Highland
  • Johnny Depp - on Sunset in Silver Lake
  • Burt Reynolds - on Sunset
  • Tom Selleck - on Pico
  • Uma Thurman - on Fairfax
Looks like Angelina Jolie is somewhere near my hood, and Milla Jovovich appears to be right outside my house. Who else can you find?

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