Senin, 30 Mei 2011

The surgical mask for the non-surgeon

Photo: LesterHo
My favorite section of GQ magazine is the column, The Style Guy, in which Glenn O'Brien solves sartorial conundrums. The June issue has a question from a reader asking whether it's ok to wear a surgical mask with a suit when you're recovering from the flu and want to get back to work. Here's his response:
In Japan the surgical mask is more normal than a hat. Ths is sometimes because of Japanese courtesy, keeping their germs to themselves; sometimes because of their fear of germs; and sometimes in homage to Michael Jackson. In America you can't pull the mask off with anything but scrubs. My position is, if you're sick enough to be contagious, stay the hell home.
There you have it. Even the Style Guy is down on presenteeism.

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