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10 tips to avoid sexually transmitted diseases

10 tips to avoid sexually transmitted diseases
You can follow the below mentioned precautions to protect yourself from STDs like HIV.

1. Engage in solo sex
Solo sex is nothing but self stimulation or masturbation. This gives you the pleasure and at the same time it will also help you avoid infections, since it's your own bodily fluid and not someone else's.

2. Engage in virtual sex
This is one of the most famous methods followed by teenagers. LDRs (Long Distance Relationship) are very common these days. Phone sex and cyber sex (using instant messaging, messengers, and web chat) can be used by teens and young adults these days to satisfy their sexual needs and to protect themselves from infections.

3. Check out dry sex
Dry sex is also known as non-penetrative sex. True to what the name states, it means sex without penetration. It includes kissing, taking a shower together, dirty bed talk, talking about your fantasies and giving sensual massages.
In short, any sexual activity that does not include oral, anal and/or vaginal penetration can be classified under dry sex.

4. Frottage is the way to go
Frottage is otherwise known as dry humping. Rubbing the vital reproductive organs (usually the male's) against the sensitive parts of the other person's body like the inner thighs, navel, between the breasts or behind the knees can be classified as frottage.
Such sexual activity will give you the pleasure, but there's no risk of infection here. Frottage cannot cause STDs in any way as there's no direct sexual contact.

5. Be safe during penetrative sex
Penetrative sex is quite addictive and highly pleasurable and you can never completely ignore this type. But following safe practices can help.
Condoms: Condoms made out of latex are to be worn over the penis. Sometimes, men tend to ignore it as they do not find it comfortable. Once they start using them over a period of time, they'll get used to these condoms.
Female condoms: Condoms are now available for women too. These condoms are not as effective as men's condoms. However, a condom for women acts as a barrier and provides protection against diseases and infections. This can be very useful in preventing STDs.

6. Clean up your lifestyle
Create a healthy lifestyle and avoid having sex with multiple partners. The few hours of pleasure that you experience might cause large scale discomfort for days together. Use latex contraceptives and practice safer sex.

7. Avoid IV drugs
Avoid IV (Intravenous) drugs and needle sharing. It is possible to get STDs through sharing needles (that are commonly used for heroin and other drugs).
While donating blood, see to it that disposable needles are used and do make sure that the nurse uses proper precautions while drawing your blood.

8. Use dental dams
Use a dental dam during oral sex. In that way, bodily fluids will not get exchanged and it will protect both you and your partner from getting infected.

9. Consult a doctor
Fix an appointment with your doctor and get yourself thoroughly checked for STDs and other infections. It is safe to get yourself checked once in a while. Proper medication and support will be provided if you are diagnosed with STDs, as many STDs are easily curable.

10. Communicate with your partner
Talk to your partner or to the person who you trust the most, before doing anything that might put you in trouble. Proper sex education is very important for teenagers these days. Lack of communication and knowledge regarding sex might also lure you into problems that can actually be avoided.
Safe sex practices must be inculcated by everyone to lead a healthy life.
Sexually transmitted diseases normally bring along sores and lesions in the skin, and these can be quite embarrassing for you socially. Following the above mentioned steps can help you block these infections and lead a happy and normal life

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