Rabu, 13 Juli 2011

I want to see the Harry Potter crop circles

: harry potter crops

Why: On Reddit, "Why are people so stupid?"
Pics plz, durr.

Answer: Oh boy! By an English farmer named Top Pearsy:
Source: Gizmodo

The More You Know: Speaking of series of books I've read that are being made into movies, I'm about 70% through the 3rd "dragon tattoo" book, The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest. Since I don't know anyone else who has read all of these (I've only listened to the last 2 on audiobook) and is open for discussion, maybe you have, so here's what's been bothering me:

I hate that we keep rehashing the same events over and over. Some characters have a conversation to plan an activity, and they plan why they're doing it, and then they follow through with the activity, and we see everything. Then, after the activity is over, everyone else has conversations by which they try to interpret the actions and motives of the first characters. Why! I already know what happened. I don't need 200 pages (lol jk, 3 discs) recounting a murder. I love dramatic irony as much as the next kid, but this stuff is booooring. Way to make my 100-minute daily commute even more of a drag, Steig.

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