Kamis, 28 Juli 2011

Results for the ArchMedium New York Theater City student Competition

ArchMedium.com announced the winnners of their “New York Theater City” International Architecture Competition for Students. The theater would revitalized new and small local theater in a city saturated with tourism and tired reruns. The contest proposal called for an "urban theatre campus where smaller companies can dispose of rehearsal spaces, and the new spectacles can show themselves to the world offering an always young, new and different cultural activity."

The site is a junkyard for deteriorating railroad cars, and happens to provide connections to important venues because the High Line connected to important local centers. The results took the urban scale down to the human scale and infused a great vibrancy of culture.

1st Prize- pH4 Studio (Junyoung Park, Joongha Park, Changbum Park, Changseok Han, Kwun Suehwan), Yeong Nam University Yeong Nam University

2nd Prize- Louise Scannell, University of Westminster University of Westminster

3rd Prize- A2GP (Guillem Pons Ros, Pau Villalonga Munar, Albert Serrallonga Sabas, Gerardo Perez de Amezaga), ETSAB ETSAB

Honorable Mentions:

Mega (Emily Koustae, Michalis Piroccas, Athanasios Yfantis, Grigorios Koutropoulos). University of Patras University of Patras

AM (Mercedes Nena, Ricardo Ariel Valley, Maria Florencia Dominguez). Universidad Nacional de Mendoza, Universidad Nacional de Cuyo Universidad Nacional de Mendoza, Universidad Nacional de Cuyo

Hung (Che-Hung Chien). National Cheng Kung University National Cheng Kung University

AD + (Andrea weakness, Morten Bulow, Antonio Atripaldi). Iaac / UPC IAAC / UPC

GO! (Sebastián Gril, Federico Ortiz). (Sebastian Gril, Federico Ortiz). Universidad Nacional de La Plata UNLP Universidad Nacional de La Plata UNLP

See all results at ArchMedium.com

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