Rabu, 17 Agustus 2011

Clubclass Statement Collection Alexi 2 Button Ladies' Jacket (Alexi)


The Clubclass Statement Collection Alexi 2 Button Ladies’

Jacket is part of an 11 piece collection in navy selfstripe

and black shadow stripe. This design is a single breasted

style fashioned in 64% polyester, 34% wool and 2% Lycra

that is machine washable. Using Lycra in the fabric mix

ensures a neat drape and great shape retention. Coordinated

with trousers or a skirt from the same range will provide a

fabulous suit that will project a professional image.

Sizes: Petite – 6-16; Long – 8-18.

Fabric : 64% Polyester 34% Wool 2% Lycra

Wash : Machine Washable

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