Rabu, 17 Agustus 2011

Clubclass Statement Collection Chase 1 Button Ladies' Jacket (Chase)


The Clubclass Statement Collection Chase 1 Button Ladies’

Jacket makes looking good easy. The single button at the

front of this single-breasted style of jacket flatters all shapes

and somehow doesn’t seem to cause any problems with

keeping it fastened for a professional image. It will coordinate

with other items in the navy selfstripe or black shadow

stripe 11-piece collection that includes trousers and skirts.

This garment is machine washable and is made from 64%

polyester, 34% wool and 2% Lycra – a fabric mix that

performs well and drapes beautifully. Sizes: Petite, 6-16;

Regular, 6-24; Long, 8-18.

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