Senin, 08 Agustus 2011

How do you remove chewing gum from glass?

: gum off a window

Why: I had an accident. Man, that new Mentos gum sure is sticky.

Answer: There are 4 ways!

  1. Use canned air. You can buy it at an office supply store to shoot dust and crumbs out of your keyboard. Blast some on the gum, and it should harden and pull right off.
  2. Freeze it. Rub an ice cube along the gum, holding it in place until the gum freezes and the ice cube melts. The gum should come right off.
  3. Zap it with bug and tar remover. Sold at auto supply stores, this stuff is designed to removed smushed bugs and tar.

  4. Use official gum-remover like they do at movie theaters. You can buy it at an industrial cleaning supply store.

Source: eHow

The More You Know: Canned air comes out at -26 degrees Celsius / -14.8 degrees Fahrenheit. Here's a list of 101 Things to Do with It!

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