Minggu, 28 Juni 2009

Anime warriors

A Mighty Fortress with insulation walls.
There were anime warriors and pictures of dragons within the Manga and Fantasy drawings.
Listening to the audio book online allows you to enter the underground shelter while jamming to techo beats.

Still recovering from the dragons' fire attack, Helena along with Jean-Gaël and the rest of the Orchestra sought protection in an underground shelter And what a indomitable garrison it was. Helena's underground escort, Jean-Gael, excitedly explained how they were safe from evil creatures since the walls were heavily insulated. The underground shelter had safeguards and full reinforcement for security. But his sense of pride and security was shortly lived upon knowing the capture and death of some comrades during the dragon attack...

Fresh online audio book that's a musical tale with fantasy drawings an adventure soundtrack with techno. Manga drawings have adapted to the modern age and evolved to graphic drawings and pictures of dragons, wolves, and horses that are lifelike

Like a typical anime warrior, Helena, a young virtuoso is destined to a heroic fate...
Accompany her on her journey to decode the gathering of the "Vision" as well as her fate.
Watch the video on youtube by going to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9S3PTVexk-Y...

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