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Why Anime and Naruto Can Be a Good Moral Guide For Children?

I am not recommending all anime shows, but there are some examples that can actually be a good moral guide. The first thing to keep in mind is that the Japanese Anime series is designed simply to be entertainment. However, The Naruto series, shown on the cartoon network is the example I recommend for parents concerned about the morals contained in the programs.

I am not recommending letting your children watch the Naruto anime series without any supervision. There are some characters that should be left out, but none of them prevent the show from getting a Y7 rating. My first warning is to stay away from the episodes with the character known as "Pervy Sage."

There are also some violence scenes. Understandably, this may be an issue for some parents. The show centers around a young man training to be a ninja so he can protect his home village. The combat scenes are essential to the story, but they are not very realistic. The ninjas are portrayed as the good guys.

Frequently the episodes that center around Naruto's training involve some tests. Naruto and his companions often misunderstand the nature of these tests. They think they are tests of their combat prowess, instead of tests showing more important traits like teamwork, honesty, mercy, and the ability to get along with others.

Now we come to the moral issues. Most importantly, this show contains deeply spiritual elements that most American made cartoons lack. Honor and duty are recurring themes in the series.

Even though the Naruto episodes can be a good moral guide, parents should take care not to substitute these shows for one on one time with their children. Naruto is a good choice for morality relative to most American cartoons. However, parents should not plant their kids in front of the TV thinking this will teach them what they need to know. That responsibility will always begin with the parents themselves.

Animated film is very good for children under five who are still present from the parents that the film does not educate or adult movies because movies like that can affect the development of the child's life and we as parents should be more selective in choosing programs for we children do not want .You if not the children we will not moral?

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