Selasa, 26 Januari 2010

Darmstadium Conference Center, Darmstadt Gemany

Talik Chalabi designed the Darmstadium, named after the element discovered in Darmstadt, Hessen Germany. It opened in 2007, adding to Darmstadt's impressive downtown. Darmstadt is a mix of historic and cutting-edge modern, the downtown's covered mall, fussgangerzone and palaces. Darmstadt is historically renown for its involvement in music and the arts, and more recently as a center of science and space exploration. This multifunctional civic structure considers this combination of science and arts.

The 18,000m2 building has 18 versatile conference rooms and a 1,677 seat congress hall. Diagonal circulation paths criss-cross around sweeping perimeters of glass and steel. Warm wood interiors and masonry walls add further interior, with the city's ancient stone wall cutting straight through the building. Efficient water management and passive solar strategies mark this project as environmentally sensitive.

Having lived in Darmstadt myself, this dynamic project seems to me very appropriate for the energy of Darmstadt's crowded downtown. It pays homage to Darmstadt's important history and role in the future.

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