Selasa, 24 Agustus 2010

Antibiotics in food production: September 16th Webinar

We've often covered the topic of routine antimicrobial use in food production and their potential association with development of MDR-bacteria.  IDSA is co-sponsoring an upcoming webinar called "Superbugs, Super Problems: Agricultural Antibiotics and Emerging Infections"  The Webinar will be held on September 16 from 11 am-12noon PDT/12noon-1pm MDT/1-2 pm CDT/2-3 pm EDT.  Speakers include James Johnson from the Minnesota VA, Gail Hansen from PEW Charitable Trusts and Superbug author Maryn McKenna.  A great group. I look forward to listening in.

Webinar registration and information

Links to our previous food safety articles

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