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What is the origin of the word "magazine"?

: magazine etymology

: In The City of Falling Angels, someone tells author John Berendt:
I went to the magazzino, and there they were: big stacks of papers wrapped in sheets of clear plastic.
It's a storage place. And, you know, guns have magazines.

: It's like a warehouse!
  • Arabic makhazin or makhzankhazana, "to store up"
  • Italian magazzino, "storehouse"
  • French magasin, "warehouse, depot, store"
  • 1580s - "place for storing goods, especially military ammunition"
Or storing information, mirite?

: EtymOnline

The More You Know
: The first use of the word meaning "periodical journal" dates from The Gentleman's Magazine, first published in London in 1731. Look at this funny thing.
Article I. Authentic narrative of the cafe of a lady who was lately violently forced from her apartments by ruffians, with an intent to transport or murder her
VII. Imaginary tour thro' cometary orbits.
X. Origins of the custom of burning the dead.
XII. Dramatic story of the Orphan of China.
XVI. Prudence, its influence on the conduct of life.
What happened to the Orphan of China!

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