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What is the Night of the Radishes?

: Night of the Radishes

Why: Sam is talking about it.

Answer: La Noche de Rabanos is a tradition in Oaxaca, Mexico, celebrated on Dec. 23rd. That's tonight!
The festival dates from the 19th century that combines art, agriculture, and religion. It is held in the zócalo, or main square, in Oaxaca, Mexico, 300 miles south of Mexico City. The radish made its first appearance here during the Spanish colonial period, and in commemoration Oaxaqueños carve them into elaborate shapes and display them on La Noche de Rabanos.

Extremely large radishes are carved into elaborate scenes and figures and placed on display around the Zócalo, along with scenes of figures in the “flor inmortal” (immortal flower: brightly colored, dried straw flowers) and “totomoxtle” (corn husks).

They carve them into all sorts of things, like conquistadors and village people and scenes with the sweet baby Jesus.

The More You Know: And another thing:
During the festival and throughout the Christmas season, another custom is observed: people buy small pottery bowls filled with sweet fried dough called buñuelos. After they eat the dough, they fling the bowl violently to the ground. The walks become thick with pottery shards.

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