Kamis, 28 April 2011

Denver International Airport, Colorado

Perez Architects and Fentress Bradburn Architects designed the Denver Airport, completed in 1995. It is the largest international airport in the United States.

The white tensile fiberglass tent structures are reminicent of the Rocky Mountains. The pedestrian bridge that links the terminal and concourse uses the same tensile principle. A great deal of art was invested in the project, frankly spooky art, like the Mustang sculpture that accidentally killed its creator during completion. A solar farm of 9,200panels proves 3.5kw of electricity yearly. The swirling layout of runways has been criticized for not taking into consideration approach patterns and weather conditions.

A bungled automated baggage system contributed to the project going massively over-budget. Santiago Calatrava is currently working on a Hotel and train station for the airport.

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