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Most Powerful Countries

Most Powerful Countries
Power doesn’t only mean having a large army or being super rich, it is much more than this. It means political as well as economical clout combined with impressive show on the front of GDP, defense, spending, population and technology. So which countries are the most powerful and whose clout is supposed to increase or decrease in the future?

A report (Global Governance 2025) issued jointly by the US National Intelligence Council (NIC) and the European Union's Institute for Security Studies (EUISS) showcased the list of most powerful countries/blocks. The report also illustrated what the global scenario would be by year 2025.

Following is the list of most powerful countries, according to the report.

1. United States of America
United States remains the world’s most powerful country in 2010 with nearly 22 percent global power or clout. By 2025, the United States' share of global power would decline from 22 per cent to 18 per cent, the report says.

2. China

China, though distant number two, is fast catching up with USA. At present it has 12 percent of global power, but it would rise up to 16 percent by 2025. It means in 2025, though US would still be number one with 18 percent, China would not be far behind with 16 percent global power.

3. European Union
With 14 percent power, European Union is third most powerful block in the world.

4. India

India with 8 percent of global power is number fourth. According to report, India will remain in third or fourth positions (depending on whether EU bloc is counted in or not) with its share of global power going up to ten per cent.

5. Japan, Russia and Brazil

India is followed by Japan, Russia and Brazil with less than five percent global power each.

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