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Thumb Gate: Megan Fox

Thumb Gate: Megan Fox
“Picking your nails” or “sucking your thumbs when you were little”: some explanations that are popularly given for the trait known as clubbed thumbs.
It wasn’t till I was 25 that I found out that it’s a unique trait, genetically inherited according to scientists, and shared by millions of people. In fact, the scientific term for clubbed thumbs is Brachydactyly type D or ‘BDD’ for short.
That’s right, Megan Fox and not just because I think she’s really hot, no it’s her THUMBS that has gotten me fired up. Why? because she was part of the THUMB GATE scandal which took place in this year’s Superbowl. Yes, my team won (Who dem Colts?) but what got me worked up and had me searching “megan fox superbowl commercial” was the fact that Megan’s thumb which has been coined as “brachydactyly” meaning short finger was totally covered up during her commercial for Motorola. I know people will think of me as shallow for thinking that Megan’s thumbs makes her a 7/10 instead of a 9.5/10 but I have this thing for girls with beautiful hands and feet, so shoot me.
What’s got me fired up is the fact that Motorola and Megan Fox thought it would be clever or acceptable to cover up her thumbs so people would be interested in the product. To me this sends out the wrong message to anyone that believes they have imperfections. As a celebrity and a person who portrays herself as a strong woman through the roles she plays in her movies. Using a thumb double or ‘After Effects’ assistance is uncalled for especially since her thumbs have as much celebrity status as she does, maybe even more.
Megan Fox became known as probaby the very first super hot babe featured with a minor physical anomaly on both hands: she has a stubby toe-thumb finger! Also known as a 'clubbed thumb' - characterized by a rather remarkably broad, with nail phalange of the thumb . Some people call this thumb type the "murderers thumb", but that name is merely an example of folklore. Take a look at the Megan Fox's thumbs below.
A Rather remarkable for a woman who was voted according to FHM in 2008 as the 'sexiest woman in the world'.

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