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Hauptbahnhof Main Train Station, Berlin Germany

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Meinhard von Gerkan designed Berlin's main railway station, opened in 2006, formerly Lehrter Bahnhof under the communist East German government. The redesign of the train line began immediately upon the fall of the Berlin wall and was seen as a significant step for reunification after its hellish post-war period.

The structure allows as much daylight and transparency into the spaces as possible. The 321 metre-long glass Stadtbahn hall crosses the 160 metre-long station building. Two 46 metre-high arched structures span over the Stadtbahn hall, featuring prominently on the exterior form. Careful consideration for quick circulatory connections has developed an enormous and intricate system. The solid concrete columns below are detailed to meet skylights at the roof, enforcing a sense of weightlessness.

Video: Digital model , Tour inside
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