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MySpace Avatars - Add A Little Spice to Your Profile

Avatars are a cool way to express your mood or something you believe in strongly, and they can really dress up a MySpace profile. What's an avatar? It is a small to medium sized graphic, sometimes animated, sometimes not, and almost always eye-catching and colorful. Browse some of the top profiles, and you will be convinced of their popularity. One reason that avatars are used in heavy rotation is because they are an easy way to tell the world what you are thinking or feeling

There are so many different types of avatars available that you could add a new one to your profile daily for a couple of years, and still not be even close to using them all. Just a few of the categories you can find by doing a search for "MySpace avatars" include -

• Animals

• Anime

• Cartoons

• Fantasy

• Funny

• Games

• Holidays

• Love

• Movies

• Music

• Sports

A good way to see what kind of avatars are the most popular is to search for "Top Ranked Avatars". This will give you a sampling of what other users have deemed the best and have used themselves. Trends can vary, but you generally can't go wrong in choosing animated avatars, those which feature famous actors or musicians, funny photos, suggestive photos, or various human emotions. All of these subjects seem to stay in the top ten among MySpace users.

That said, 3d avatars are HOT on MySpace. These can appear to be almost real! You can customize these by uploading a photo of yourself, plus a short recording of your voice or any other sound effects you want to use. Then, you add a body, clothing, special effects such as glasses or tattoos, and choose a background. What you end up with could be termed a "Talking Head" that looks like you and sounds like you, too. The mouth actually moves, and the facial expressions are truly lifelike! It's very easy to create one of these, too. A search for "3d MySpace avatars" will lead you to several web pages which have generators for these avatars that you can use for free to create a truly one-of-a-kind avatar for your profile.

Another extremely popular avatar on MySpace is called a Dollie. Girls love these, and part of the fun is that it is pretty easy to find a dollie that closely resembles you. Included in the avatar is a short message which can be funny, cute or a bit spicy to suit the occasion.

Message only and photo only avatars seem to be a well-liked form of self expression among MySpace users. These can add a lot of personality to a profile when used together. No, you aren't limited to just one! Any avatar is super easy to add to your MySpace profile. Just copy the code from the site where your chosen avatar is located, and paste the code into any section of your profile. Have fun with avatars!

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