Senin, 28 Februari 2011

Who does Dave Franco play in "Superbad"?

: dave franco; greg the soccer player

Why: Joel at 2Pz posted this picture of James Franco (yesterday, pre-Oscars) with his cats Sammy and Zelda,
and then I got to reading about how James and his brothers all love kitties, and then I read this sentence,
With his memorable roles in Superbad and a regular gig on TV's Scrubs, Dave been making a name for himself in Hollywood, with very little help from his superstar older brother.
which I thought was weird because I've seen that movie like 14 times in 2011 alone.

Answer: "Greg the Soccer Player"! Is that one of the guys at the party?

Owait, no:
Source: IMDb, Youtube

The More You Know: And he's also in this (and so is some lengthy discussion about their cat Toby [and so are some real kitties]).
Incidentally, did you see this last week on SNL? Because it was funny:

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