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Anime (アニメ) (read: a-ni-me, not a-nim) is the typical Japanese animation, which is usually characterized through the pictures colorful display of figures in a variety of locations and stories, which is aimed at various types of spectators. Anime image manga influenced style, typical Japanese comics.

The word anime to appear in writing in three katakana characters a, ni, me (アニメ) which is the language from English serapan "Animation" and pronounced as "Anime-shon".

Anime first reached a wide popularity is the paper Ozamu Astro Boy Tezuka in 1963. Now anime is very developed compared to the first days of anime. With graphics that have been developed to plot the story more interesting and exciting. Japan Society is enthusiastic about watching anime and reading manga. From children to adults. They assume, anime is as part of their lives, This is some of the popular cable television akan some kartunnya film, such as Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon export kartunnya. To be able to get anime, they should buy the DVD / VCD anime or anime they can download it from the site-site service provider Direct Download Link (DDL). Now anime into a business that arouse all the people, and also many people who have used this case to a criminal action. Creator of the anime itself is called animator.Para Animator is working disebuah media company to produce an anime. In the company, there are some mutual animator who worked together to produce a high quality anime. But really be pitied, the animator's salary is small compared with their hard work. This is the reluctant to make the animator to work for a professional. They feel it is not comparable with the effort they have to do. The animator is often called the Artists' own shadow. Because they work like an artist who seeks the elements of the story and elements intrinsiknya.

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