Selasa, 26 Mei 2009

Japanese Film and Animation

For you fans of movie animation film, especially Japanese animation, recently found the virus in the animated film. Not intend to frighten or just, but this information only so that we become more vigilant.

A student is known to spread the animated film that could 'poison' the computer. He reputedly put a virus file in the animated film which is then distributed via the Internet illegally. Action student named Masato Nakatsuji that terendus by the security apparatus, he was arrested. Uniquely, he was not caught with the alleged spread of virus but copyright infringement.

As quoted from the BCS detikINET, Wednesday (21/5/2008), the virus that diselipkan Nakatsuji in the animated film is harada. Harada viruses including the most frequently found in the country is Sakura.

Japan is considered slow in the fight against internet crime cases. Only a few people arrested related to the spread of the virus. In some cases, including Nakatsuji, caught the virus because it is copyright infringement and not a cyber crime.

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