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Film and Animation Festival

For the third time, near the campus in cooperation with the Goethe Institut
the Festival Short Film and Animation of the theme Ping!
Pong! Besides in Bandung, this festival will also dikelilingkan ` 'in the
Jakarta (Saturday, 5 June this) and Denpasar (6-8 June).

This film festival is only held a one day course is also
Robin Mallick present, leaders of Animation Film Festival and Film
Dresden who have been short as much as 16 times held. And
series of films that played mainly works of winner
film festivals than films animated historical collection
German Institute for Animation Film (DIAF) and works best
High School students Film and TV Postdam-Babelsberg, Germany.

For the program in Bandung, film is divided into three programs
German film in a package of animated film of their own.
Three German film program consisting of film animation studio option
DEFA Film & Animation, best animated film of High School Postdam -
Babelsberg film and the best from Germany and Austria. Films
This is a film be short, about 2 - 15 minutes and each
average program consists of a series of more than 5 movies. To
works from home, showing the animated film (very) short
work-study students dkv itb Animation I lecture on the Force's
2000 and 2001.

German Film & Animation
Animated films choices DEFA film presents five fruit
`animated classic 'be calculated with a simple story of eligible
and suitable for children. Films with this technology been
analog, both with the drawing animation, siluet and dolls.
Theme that was also the stories for children such as
Beauty and The Beast (Die Schone und das Tier) and the classic story
Ali's Persian tale.

Beauty and The Beast been with the German version of technical animation
dolls (stop motion animation) bertutur with style tale, where
all stories dituturkan through which a narator
change the voice tone and intonation as the dialogue between
character. Costumes and settings based on its culture of Germany,
with a very strong gesture in helping to build the story.
Many small details that been well and sometimes
not felt necessary, but overall a significant
for the entire film. Meanwhile, Ali und der Hexenmeister, because
taken from a Persian tale, been with the background and visualization
the Persians, taking ideas from Persian miniature illustrations
that appear with the image that even with full ornaments and East
The middle. Take the form of animated character animation siluet, and
Persian mengusung ornaments still in their entirety. This is a film
interesting because of `borrowing 'Persian visual elements that are very strong and
made with very serious in developing the overall theme
story. How bertuturnya also done with the yarn
through narator.

Movies fallende Der Schatten is a puppet animation film that
produced by Sojusmultfilm Studio, Moscow. Film laden message
moral and symbols were formed with the animation with dolls
editing like live action movies (multi-layer, effect of light and
etc.). Characterization is built with the design character and
a strong gesture, because not a lot of dialogue going. Setting -
take its Greek-Roman era, with a game point of view
a camera that not only play with the point of view of normal but
also high and low angle with a conducted effectively.

Die Losung film immediately reminds us of the short film
Studio Pixar win the Oscar for animated short film category
answer: The Birds. Moral message that there is always a party
that `nyeleneh 'and will want to own this dituturkan with
very smart and without words (the dialogue going, but
is not expressed with the word `information and meaningful '
built through voice intonation). Even when the credit title
although there are still surprises that are displayed on the screen.

Best of the program for High School Film and Television Postdam -
Babelsberg, the presentation is divided into animasinya technique. Starting
with the drawing animation program that displays the Gack Gack
humorous pasquinade better and witnessed with the `cold '
pasquinade element because it is strong and some scenes `cruelty '.
This film is also loaded with visual surprises, and some surprises
adegannya as if to force us to guess what will happen,
and then it `consent 'is funny.

Lazy Sunday Afternoon play a lot and been with the visual
image of the `rough ', such as animation, animation work Bill
Plympton. Shown are `simple 'in terms of visual (because only
black and white), but excessive and brightest in animation and motion
story ideas. Gesture, tempo (slow tempo, especially motion) and
game camera angles ` 'also holds an important role in
menuturkan story. While Pigeon Affaire been with animation
Full 2D and themes that are mature, considering the main character
obsessed on the station that broadcast voice vote
announcer girls section. Simbolisasi and gesture is also shown
fully in developing the story.

Digital animation techniques to bring the two films: Bsss and Eien Klarer
Fall. Bsss even in very simple story, how a
fly strive to be standing upside down with the rest
sulurnya, take pictures with the elephant standing on belalainya
the story of a book page. This ultimately successful efforts to
the `mengejut'kan. Eien Klarer appear even though the Fall
3D environment is very complex, which also has a story
simple: how one small thing can spread into the
extraordinary (tipping point).

Sessions have also been animated puppet film of two both
classified as heavy in theme and story and can bring
its own interpretation, as shown without words.
Grobenwahn more `easy 'arrested because the story directly:
endeavor a girl who tries to attract a
youth who was very up himself. While
Cherchez la Femme mengerutkan brow enough because the full
symbolic language and a strong culture of Germany.

For experimental animation become interesting because of two
film shown here, a film from the experiment
while the story of one of the techniques penggarapannya. Tauro
bertutur is like a circle not be about the relationship
hunters (men) and that on the (cow) made from time
to time and to return to the starting point with the (again) a
surprises. Switching between the scene is done with a seemingly smooth-akan
all movies are made with techniques take one shot (one shot of
taken without a stop / cut scene for a very long). Late
Night at bereksplorasi with the technique, through the painted animation
alumnium above, such as that conducted through Alexander Petrov
the animated "The Old Man and The Sea" which uses the medium of painting
top three layers glass.

The program closed with the second three best film awards from the
tahun2004: King of Fools, and Feldversuche Lucia. King of Fools
been with the 2D animation is about telling stories of a frog
attract attention in the super hind section, with
play with the transformation of the gesture and in accordance with each
form of transformation. Return surprise awaits at the time of credit
its title. Movies Lucia has a serious theme, about a
a sick little girl because the brain tumor and been through animation
3D computer. Invited spectators to be able to feel `and conditions
with occasional sakit'nya Lucia is in perspective that Lucia
own (subjective shot). Ketidakberdayaan, drop out of hopes and
expectations, which then appear nicely displayed.

Last film for both programs is Feldversuche, which bertutur
on a small rabbit with a carrot diligent caring
grow so big, bigger than the body of the rabbit is
alone. And while he is working hard to be able to revoke
carrots, and something has to be behind him. Feldversuche
been in clay animation with the monochrome color tone. And
like the previous two films, this movie also been without a narrative
dituturkan the story is based on gesture and the transition scenes.

Program completed by the last Best Of Austria and Germany with 6 movies
animation and short films. Der Der Erlkonig memvisualkan poetize
Erlkonig work with Goethe simbolisasi Germany which is very strong.
The style of visualization and the distillation ornamentik (although
serumit not like the film Ali und der Hexenmeister), berkisah
about a father who tries to maintain life
son. Das Schloss (The Castle) appear with animated dolls
with the feel of the dark and mysterious, when a young man forced to
live in a castle in a village that has been abandoned
population. Feel the mystery that was built since the early
fishing for the attention we suspect guess what happens

Die Eisbderin akan story reminds us on the Girls Seller lucifer
Fire, although dituturkan braided with a different story. A
homeless women around from one place to the trash
other waste and find a pair of ski boots and then
bring them to one of the world and experience the miraculous. Spectators
themselves left alone decide what happens at the end of the

Movies Yo Lo Vi (I saw it) about the history of the relevant
with the work of Goya. Movies with the long duration of this
combine a variety of animation techniques, rotoscoping, collage, computer
graphics, photography, animation and hand enough to make us think
hard to catch the story you want to disampaikannya. Not infrequently,
a frame in the animation, there is another frame animation: animation
in animation. An exploration techniques in animation.

Der moderne Zyklop film (The Modern Cyclop) tells about a
the island is inhabited by a Cyclop (a giant one-eyed) who obtained
serombongan visits from German tourists who want to know. Hits
before ending with a shock-shock, especially for a pair of tourists
then cross the road of life is different because
keingintahuannya it. This film is a puppet animation film.

Fast film is the last film with the appropriate name is
bertutur fast and filled with visual surprises. Film
telling stories about a detective who hunt and save
a girl from the evil. The story of a `standard 'that
dituturkan the same way, it was not standard. To
story telling, this film combines the various film dikolasekan
thus able to deliver the main story. Pieces of film
taken from a film that is known broadly, especially films 007
with the actor Sean Connery. As disclosed in the catalog
festival: "Fast Film is persecution through hunting techniques
film "and this expression can also be translated literally.

Learning from the German Film & Animation
Interesting it seems every time I see films from other countries,
because there are always new things that can be arrested let alone films
the running time is really new because it has never been
shown here. In addition, for the time period
production of a long (DEFA film animation option is
historic collections made around the year 1977-1988 while
best film school Postdam-Babelsberg production is 2004) then
we can also learn about the `journey 'German animated film,
both from the technical side, the concept and the story. Many `shock '
which are presented through the film because some of the film
even using the techniques that are well known, but capable
mengaplikasikannya with a `different 'and get
a rousing applause from the audience.

Film is built mainly with the visual language: what is displayed
and arrested by the eye. Therefore, successful case tuturan
a film can be seen from the reaction penontonnya. Especially if
penontonnya is `foreign 'does not understand that oral language
and any posts that use the film.

In this festival there are some movies that appear in the language
Germany without the text, even without a majority of the narrative appear at all,
and the story is built on the elements of visual media AV. Borrow
Pak Primasi terms of governance said outside (the transition between
scene / Sequence) and the administration said in (what is displayed
in the `screen 'in each scene, such as composition, gesture,
characterization), she also became a key element of the film
German animation this is able to communicate with the audience `foreign '
not necessarily understand the language and culture of Germany.

Element movement gesture to small details like that is not important,
selection and image composition and camera angles
exquisite figure in shaping character and stream
communication for penontonnya. In some movies, a game -
a game like this helps to understand the story, sometimes even
as if we are able to read the signs earlier for suspected visual
scene what would happen next. Not infrequently the game -
this game menimbullkan sensation that average invite
derisive laughter: a sign that elements of humor that is usually loaded
with local audiences can tersampaikan of the `local '
the other. Or can also artikan as elements of humor that has been go
able by the international community because the more knowledgeable.

Development of the technique is also quite extraordinary.
In addition to techniques that are generally known in the animation as animated
classical (2D), the animated objects (3D with claymation, dolls, etc.),
and computer animation, exploration is also done with the
techniques to achieve before a new technique in
convey ideas and komunikasinya. Also, exploration of the medium
own, as appears in the film at Late Night, which
apply animation techniques with painting. Or the Fast Film
would play with the film technically to build itself

It is important we realize it or not, each of akan
the local loads of each, no matter how and with
technical paper that is displayed. In films that are shown
this, there is still a red thread that refers to the
elements of `local 'Germany. Either side of the visual, and how bertutur
communicate to the content / story content. In fact, some film
is loaded with elements of `local ', which require interpretation
and understanding more about German culture to be able
understand it more comfortable.

Mbak Lanny's Goethe Institute had the opportunity in a
says, sometimes patience is required to be able to understand the film,
especially foreign films with a different culture. Patient in the sense
stand to watch a film can be a very complex
even from the beginning to the end. By looking at things from the beginning of the
until the end result will be a new insight and knowledge,
because we can `forced 'to learn to understand something
overall view, not just the partial. And surely
there are new things that we can get from what we watch,
anything that.

Thank you very much for Mr. Robin Mallick and some of Lanny
Goethe Institut on the cooperation and visits to the animation festival
This is interesting. For those who have not seen in Bandung
yesterday, can `IKJ mengejar'nya in Jakarta on Saturday, June 5
2004, hours 13.00 - evening. Akan regretted not guaranteed! Happy watching!

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