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The Inuyasha

Kikyo is Miko (Shinto clergy women) of great spiritual strength is able to overcome the many invisible elements and to cleanse evil. Because he trusted the ability to hold the first shikon no, the ball that can give strength to anyone who uses, to maintain purity and are protected from crime.

In between the killing perjuangannya invisible against the evil that tries, Kikyo also sorang hanyo (half invisible man) named Inuyasha who want to seize shikon no first because you want to use the crystal ball becomes invisible to sterling. Kikyo look good in a hanyo coltish this, so never have intention to injure each other. Meeting for the meeting to make them know each other and understand each others situation, and to grow in the love between them. Kikyo Inuyasha was on offer so that no first use shikon to change into a human, and they live together as a human being, because without shikon no Kikyo akan first became a human being not have the power to fight big invisible. Inuyasha did not suspect that high-minded girl that was having such strong feelings on it, try to consider the offer ... until finally receiving.

On the other hand, a time Kikyo help of a hijacker's body burned and paralyzed so that can only lie in a cave. Every day Kikyo Kaede accompanied adiknya still always the small, to feed the men and called Onigumo (spider demons) that, unexpectedly turns up to the feeling you want to have in the hearts Onigumo.
Susu dibalas like water with the water tuba, Onigumo the body in order to get on the invisible power and obsession have Kikyo. Because the strength of hundreds of invisible evil menguasainya, Onigumo as if born again become invisible and very strong pawky called Naraku.
Right on the day of Inuyasha and Kikyo shikon no first use to change into human Inuyasha, who appear in front of Kikyo is' Inuyasha 'is without doubt the attack and seize cakarnya no shikon first of Kikyo. Kikyo was very angry and disappointed, because he was so confident in Inuyasha. Inuyasha until after the riot in the temple and destroy the village Kikyo, Inuyasha seal it with panahnya. With the strength of the remaining injured as severe enough, ask Kikyo Kaede to burn the body that brings shikon first so that no crystal ball that disappeared from this earth along with his death ...

50 years later, no shikon first appear again together with the presence Kagome's future is the reincarnation of Kikyo. Inuyasha segelnya has also been released by Kagome who have spiritual strength equivalent to Kikyo.
One day, showing a witch named urasue women who want to make a doll in the form telling Kikyo. He stole the bones and grave soil Kikyo who are not far from the temple that is now kept Kikyo Kaede. With a little soul who was taken from Kagome, Urasue successfully raised again Kikyo Miko renowned as a strong. But instead of a doll that can be controlled for Urasue, shortly after the rise Kikyo immediately destroy the witch. Then Kikyo attacks Inuyasha wanted, but because the strength is not enough to fight then he fled.
Kikyo also serve as a zombie with the invisible force called shinidamachu collect the soul of a new young girl died, and he still save revenge on Inuyasha.

"If I am still alive ... Maybe I will change it"

After hearing a description of Kaede, Kikyo understand that he and Inuyasha have diadu-sheep. He then try to pursue Naraku, although it still did not want to join with Inuyasha and his friends who travel together. Inuyasha Kikyo view has been changed, highlight the eyes, which was not trust anyone, now has to find a place to share. Hanyo which is always a rough and have no friend, it is preferred and can be good. One thing that you want to do on the first Inuyasha, that has been done by Kagome ...


Kikyo is very skillful use bow and arrow to defeat the enemy. Kagome still a beginner in the use of these weapons can not compete. Kikyo but also because only recessive alone. At such time, Inuyasha always come to help him because it did not want to lose for the second time Kikyo. And at that time Kagome also have to realize its position as the second.

End Struggle Kikyo

Initially, Kikyo is still predominantly a revenge so no respect human life. He even had time to take a chance trying to kill Kagome. But little by little he is affected by virtue Kagome and the others, even to the nature of the original return. Kikyo sacrificing himself to defeat Naraku, but was unsuccessful. Previously, Kikyo is destroyed because of toxic Naraku but he still appeared to survive and be successful by Kagome. But for the second time, Kagome can not afford to save Kikyo. Not only Inuyasha, but Kagome and the others also feel lost because at the end of her Kikyo has become part of them.
And at the time kepergiannya, just Inuyasha Kikyo to accompany the body of the girl who lost a light into the night swallowed.

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