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Is Princess Leia human?

: is princess leia human; is luke skywalker human

Why: Just because she's from another planet - nay, galaxy - does that make her an alien? Because if you (you) had sex with her, would that mean you had sex with an alien? Serious answers only, plz.
Answer: Yes, she's human! And here's how I know: Wookiepedia has her categorized as such in their list of Humans, alongside such potent notables as Han Solo, Jango Fett and his clone Boba, Grand Moff Tarkin, Emperor Palpatine, and, of course, Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru. Wookiepedia cites The New Essential Guide to Characters as their source of information, even though it was written by someone who really doesn't have much more authority than I do to go around assigning species, but what are you gonna do?

Here is some bullshit to explain how humans fit into the universe:

Having a recorded and civilized history reaching back far beyond the beginning of space travel, before 200,000 BBY, the origin and early history of Humans was lost to their scientists in the depths of millennia. Whatever the original homeworld was, it was universally accepted that Humans evolved on one of the Core Worlds near the galaxy's center. Humans were among the few sentient species in the galaxy whose homeworld was unknown, the Ryn, Yoda's species and the Baragwins being some other examples.

According to an inscription found by archaeologists Dr. Ualp Xathan and Fem Nu-Ar on Seoul 5 around 4 ABY, Humans originated on the planet Notron, an archaic name for Coruscant. The ancient Zhell nations, who drove the Near-Human Taung from Coruscant, may have been the progenitors of later Humans. Coruscant's ground had been several kilometers below its inhabitants' feet for millennia, with the lowest depths of its planet-wide city dating back to 100,000 BBY. Thus, it was impossible to carry out the historical study and archaeological research on the planet's prehistory necessary to prove or to disprove that theory. In addition, Coruscant's natural climate was said to be too cold to support Human life, a claim difficult to be reconciled with the theory that it was the original Human homeworld. Tarnese Bleyd believed that the ancestors of Humans favored trees and high ground based upon his observations of human hunting behavior.

It is possible that some ancient civilization, such as the Celestials or even the Rakata, transported early Humans from their original home planet to others. It was, in fact, alleged that they had once been a slave race of the Infinite Empire; however, any knowledge of Human enslavement was absent from Rakatan records as of 3,956 BBY. Some of the far-flung 'colonies' eventually diverged genetically from the Human baseline, giving rise to various Near-Human races and species.


I also found a nice blog post about a mock trial at Georgetown law school that centered around classifying action figures for the purposes of customs.

: Wookiepedia

The More You Know: Here is some more practical information about humans, which I think might actually be necessary for the nerds who write and study this stuff as it may have been years or even decades since they interacted with another human being face-to-face:
Their heads had two eyes, one nose for breathing and smelling, and a mouth for eating, breathing and communicating. Human arms had five-fingered hands for manipulation, mirrored by their legs' five-toed feet. Also, like most species, they came in two sexes, male and female.

Unlike other mammalian species (such as Wookiees or Ewoks), they had only a light covering of body hair, with males being hairier than females. Most of their body hair was concentrated on the head and (in the case of adult males) face. This hair was grown, cut, and styled for aesthetic or ritualistic reasons (as with the elaborate hairstyles of the Royal Naboo and the traditional braids of Human Jedi Padawans.) Older Human males often demonstrated loss of the hair on their head. The facial hair grown by adult males could be grown, styled, or shaved completely.

Despite overall physiological uniformity, baseline Humans varied greatly in appearance. Their hair color ranged from blond to dark, sometimes with hues of red or brown, changing to gray or white as years passed. Their hair could be straight, wavy, or curly. Their eyes came in shades of blue, green, gray, or brown.

Gradiation of skin tone was also seen among baseline Humans, usually limited to various shades of brown, ranging from pale yellowish brown (e.g.: Bana Breemu), to light brown (e.g.: Luke Skywalker), and dark brown (e.g.: Lando Calrissian).

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