Kamis, 20 Januari 2011

Where can I get a Sharktopus doll?

: sharktopus doll; sharktopus toy; sharktopus stuffed animal; sharktopus plush; sharktopus beanie

Why: Some guy in my office has one sitting on the wall of his cube. When I asked where he got it, he said, "On, uh, one of the DVD talk websites...?" Instead of asking for more deets, I turned pea-green with envy and sulked away, feeling very less than.
Answer: I see lots! Like this one by Natalie Metzger:
This one by Suzannah Ashley:
This one by Giffy:
And this one by kamidake on deviantart.
There is even a Sharktopus pinata:
But I can't find the perfect one he has. It's a beautiful monotone putty color, just like a real octopus relaxing on a rock. It srsly looks like an actual Beanie Baby and would look very nice sitting betwixt the 2 octopus Beanie Babies I already have (Inky and Wiggly) and my shark (Crunch).

Source: none :( :( :(

The More You Know: Full disclosure: my Beanie Babies are all on top of a bookcase in my old bedroom at my parents' house, but Sadie and Ben play with them fairly often. Imagine what they could learn from this majestic and formidable hybrid! My birthday is in, like, 3 weeks, everyone. Don't make me go back and talk to that guy empty-handed.

UPDATE 1/21!! I have it on good authority that these things are available at Sundance, which is going on right now. If you can find a way...

UPDATE 2/14!! Here is a picture of The One, which Bryan Reesman got in a promo pack from Anchor Bay. He is calling it a Sharktoplush. Behold:

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