Selasa, 18 Januari 2011

Who played the transvestite in "Please Give"?

: please give

Why: She was a very convincing homeless transvestite. Maybe too convincing, if you know what I mean. That movie is a pretty good watch, by the way.

Answer: Harmonica Sunbeam! What a lovely name! And get this: she plays more than just homeless transvestites. Other credits include:
  • World Trade Center (2006) - as "9th Avenue Hooker"
  • "Third Watch" (2004) - as "Transvestite Hooker"
  • "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" (2004) - as "Hooker Keisha Brown"
(The other thing she plays is hookers.)

But she's more than just a pretty hooker. She's also a drag queen! Wait, no - not a drag queen:
I just love that tiger-print hoodie catsuit. What shade is that? Coral?

Befriend her on Facebook to hear about her shows in NYC and other opportunities. For example:

HARMONICA SUNBEAM I am looking for hot, sexy, open-minded and free spirited contestants for my Wet Underwear contest this Thursday at Raw Thursdays . Hit me up for details. Dive into the pool boys!


The More You Know: Incidentally, have any of you ladies or gentlemen out there ever run into a transvestite in a public restroom? It's all I think about these days. Please share your tales.

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