Jumat, 22 Oktober 2010

How many kids did Ethel Kennedy have?

: ethel kennedy

Why: Glo posted this Matt Damon quote from Jezebel:
He has three now, is expecting another, and says of his wife: "Lucy's in her third trimester for the fourth time; I think that's about enough to ask of any woman. I don't want to turn her into Ethel Kennedy."
Jicydnotice, 2 of them are named Mary. Here she is with 10 of them, including both Marys:
The 11th (Rory) was born 6 months after Robert was killed. Also, it was her wedding that John-John and Carolyn were flying to when they crashed in 1999, :(

: Wikipedia

The More You Know: In case you are in the mood to be totally bummed out, I just re-stumbled onto Matt Logelin's blog, which I saw the first time a few years ago when I was looking at apartments in his neighborhood. He's a single dad because - get this - his wife died of a pulmonary embolism 27 hours after giving birth. She collapsed on the way to the wheelchair she would ride in to touch her baby for the first time. Wtf. Read the totally horrible beginning of the story here.

OK, have a great weekend!

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