Rabu, 27 Oktober 2010

Introducing: ROCKWELL!

Wow, this kid is going to be HUGE!!! 

Check out ROCKWELL, my latest obsession. Ranging from House to Electro, ROCKWELL knows how to throw down! Since his debut in late 2009, ROCKWELL has hit the scene hard and has produced and recorded a list of bangers! 

ROCKWELL'S Past Events Include:

HTS Semi Formal
Charity Dances
Fashion Show at Nyood Bar
U of T Frosh Event (2010)

ROCKWELL has been quoted saying "My main style of music is electro but I tend to branch off into subcategories of house, like electro house, dutch house, etc". Check out G.T.F.D. (Gimme That Fucking Drop) 
here on ROCKWELL'S myspace. Oh and btw, he's only 17!

To find out more about ROCKWELL, check out his facebook page here. 

To download a few of ROCKWELL'S song click:

G.T.F.D ----->  here!

Like a G6 (Rockwell Remix) -----> here!

Hope you enjoy this debut of ROCKWELL, 

One Love, 

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