Rabu, 20 Oktober 2010

Nicole Cleans Her Desk!

With the Minnesota Twins out of the playoffs and all the Brett Favre drama that's been circulating lately, things have slowed down a bit for us here in the xiony vergas office.  It's days like this that we try to catch up on other tasks such as cleaning the office, organizing, filing, etc.  My co-worker (and across-the-desk neighbor) Nicole, is well-known around our office for constantly having a cluttered work space because she always has so much work to do - but not today!  Nicole cleaned up her work space like I've never seen before!  Now it sparkles like a brand new Rolls Royce.  The above photo shows you just how clean it really is since the makeover.  Unfortunately I don't have a before shot so you can just use your imagination.  Please note the double screen action of Johnny Knoxville & Jared Allen - "double the pleasure, double the fun" must be her motto!  Oh, Nicole also notarizes stuff so hit her up!  She is one cool cat, that's for sure.  So is her beloved, Raheim. Go Nicole!

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